Korean players abroad! interesting (yet unknown) stories  

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Tim Lee
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05/10/2016 1:45 pm  
Posted by: stefanpark


Very random and probably in the wrong thread, but it definitely seems like our golden generation is gonna be in the Qatar World cup. 21 year old Lee Kang In, 24 year old Lee Seung Woo, Son Heung Min will be 30, Paik Seung Ho, Jang Gyeol Hee and we have youngsters like Kim Jung Min, Hwang In Beom, and even Hwang Hee Chan, and Kwon Chang Hoon. I'm just hoping we find ourselves the next Hong Myeong Bo and a goalie keeper so we can reach a semi finals again one day.


I am very excited for 2022. Question is if Lee Seungwoo gets some experience in 2018 (if we qualify) or if 2022 is his first.

interesting how all of these players are quick agile players, and yet KNT of today relies on traditional CF/Target man lol

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