State of the National Team for the next 2 World Cup cycles?  


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19/08/2016 3:48 am  

Now that the dust has settled and the tears have dried over the Olympic exit- what is the state of the Reds in your opinion? 

Son isn't living up to his nickname of "Sonaldo". At age 24 he is nowhere near the level of being even considered a prodigy. Lee Seung Woo has high expectations, but is still a mystery. There are a handful of marginally avg. young players in Europe. The backline at every level continues to be suspect at best. Whoever replaces Jung in the net will be a vast improvement, but a mediocre keeper at best. 

What can Uli do? Will we ever have a "golden generation"? (Please don't tell me that THIS is our golden generation.) Was the 2002 team of overachievers made up of blue-collar rough and tumble defenders, speedy midfielders/forwards, a iron horse goalie, and couple of prima donna hair models that never amounted to anything past 2002 our last good showing on the international stage in our lifetime? 

I don't want to sound all "gloom and doom", but let's have an honest conversation about the team. Another exit in group stage seems like the trajectory for 2018. The hopes of building from 2002 sounds like a fairytale told by hal-abeojis during Chuseok now. The further away that time grows from those achievements, the more the detractors (ie Italians) are proven right. 

P.S. A 30 for 30- esque look back on the 2002 WC team may be in order from one of you guys soon. (Don't know if any of you are old enough to remember that special time). If one already exists in English, please send it my way. 


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