[Solved] Korea vs Qatar  


Clearly today's game was rigged af. There's just no way the ref was THAT blind. Honestly Hellen Keller would have been a better ref. With that being said, is there a way for Korea to get this match looked at/appealed by Fifa? My guess is that Fifa already knows there's some fishy shit going on with bribery in favor of Qatar and Fifa is equally into this whole scheme, but isn't there possibly something we can do about this? Since Hong Jeong Ho received a red card doesn't that mean he can't appear in the match against Iran? Do we have a legit back up centerback that can fill HJH's shoes?


Well of course, Hong is suspended for the game against Iran. Sagan Tosu's Kim Minhyeok was brought up off of the reserves list to fill in for him so that Uli has a 23 man roster in Iran, where we know Kwak Taehwi will start. The other could be Kim Kihee (again), Kim Minhyeok (the newbie) or Jang Hyunsoo (most likely).

i don't know if Korea would pursue any such route... Highly unlikely. I guess they could send in an official complaint of sorts (unaware of the backroom the AFC workings) but I'd say it's highly unlikely.

the complaints were loud enough and the mistakes blatant enough for me that I'd like to think the AFC would look into this. Wishful thinking, probably.


If we ask the AFC to look into this they're gonna shut it down instantly, the AFC is literally trying to screw over the traditional giants to get the middle eastern teams a better chance (there are actually a surprising number of policies that do this; the new revised Olympic qualifying system, the ACL system, etc.)


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