Hi, I have a question on managers and head coaches. I'm a firm believer that managers are very influential on a team like our KNT. I remember Guus Hiddink being one of our country's best managers. Who else did the KNT have as a manager that would be considered a great coach/manager? I remember Choi Kanghee being absolutely terrible. Hong Myeong Bo was meh. How do you rate/rank Uli Stielike amongst past KNT managers? If Stielike happened to get fired, is there any particular manager you would want to hire?

I think Huh Jung Moo was pretty good. Yes Choi Kang Hee was horrible. He made the rivalry with Iran even worse and when we lost it was embarrassing.

Huh Jung Moo didn't have a great start as the official manager for the first time. He was replaced by Guus Hiddink. Then in 2008 he became the manager again and got South Korea out of the 2010 World Cup group stage. That marked the second time Korea got out of the group stage and first time on foreign soil. They lost to Uruguay in the Round of 16 but Korea did well. I think Uli is decent but he is still struggling to fix problems Korea has had ever since LYP and PJS retired. We have a team now with more European based players than before but it's gonna take more than that. As for a manager I'd like to hire... I don't know. I'm pretty satisfied with what Stielike is doing for the most part. But we seriously need to fix our defense. 


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