K-league vs MLS  


Can you write an article on the differences between both leagues? Which league is more popular, has more talent, draws more interest, etc. 

I ask this although in my eyes it seems like a no brainer that MLS is more popular and what not in comparison to the K-league but then again i don't watch either leagues. I can't help but notice how empty the stands are in K-league games and it's hard to find a stream for K-league games anyways :/


Are you asking about the popularity of the leagues or the functionality of the two leagues? Popularity goes to MLS by the number of older stars that they have: Pirlo, Lampard, David Villa, etc., but MLS has proven time and time again that it doesn't produce or nurture national team players for the US. It's also on a completely different schedule compared to the rest of the world, which greatly hinders the players fitness when time comes for international play. 

I don't know much about the K-League. 

At the end of the day, it's like asking who's the least ugly girl at the dance. Who cares? 

east ugly girl at the dance lololol 

It's interesting how the MLS  barely produces or nurtures special talents. I would love to watch Jeonbuk or Seoul face a top MLS team in a friendly. 


Something tells me Roy would have a lot to say about this one! He's more familiar with MLS than all of us - I'll talk to him about this.


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