Korean Football vs Korean Baseball  


Can you please write an article on why on earth is Korea so obsessed with Baseball more than Soccer? I seriously don't understand.. I love baseball, don't get me wrong, but man.. there needs to be more Hwang In Beoms, more Lee Kang Ins, more Lee Seung Woos, etc. We need these young Koreans to shift their attention from a slow paced boring sport in Baseball to a more thrilling fast paced sport in soccer/football!


contrary to what a lot of people think, KBO's popularity is quite recent; since 2006 to be precise. (plus most of the "KBO fans" are just casual fans)

I can write something about it I guess? 



No need to write because I'm sure there isn't enough content. I went to a baseball game in Korea and the atmosphere there was ridiculous even though the home team was losing by like 5 points. I wish the same level of passion could be seen for soccer. Anyone know when was the last time Korea sold out a stadium for a soccer game? 

you asked for an article and now you don't want one because there isn't enough content?

a lot can discussed re: decline of football and resurgence of baseball in Korea.

But one simple answer to your question; people attending KBO games are not necessarily there to "watch baseball".


it's harder to fill up football stadiums as most football stadiums in Korea are big (capacity 40-60k); whereas baseball stadiums are smaller (11-26k)

The biggest crowd in Korean sports history is KNT football game Korea vs Brazil 65,308 in 2013.

biggest crowd for K-League: Seoul vs Seongnam 60,747 in 2010. 

biggest crowd for KBO: Lotte vs Haitai 36,152 in 1986.

thank you, come again



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