1. Minor and unimportant comment on FC Seoul as there did not seem to be a comment section on that page: LG didn’t technically hand the team over to GS. LG split into multiple companies: LG, GS, LIG, LS. GS got all the energy related business, the convenience stores, fashion brand and FC Seoul (under GS Sport). The primary LG families were the Koo’s and the Hur’s. LG is now Koo family while GS is Hur family.

    Only reason I know this is I know the Hur family and worked closely with the group. Used to be on the BOD of what once was an LG entity and now is a GS company.

  2. You guys need more writers for this website. The ones you have aren’t pulling their weight. Seoul and Jeonbuk just made it to the ACL 2016 quarters!

    • One of the guilty, but as with most blogs life often gets in the way of writing. I think I can speak for all when I say that we wish we could turn out content constantly, but it’s just not possible. Everyone has another side of their life (work or school) that takes a lot of time. No one gets paid to write, so it’s hard to prioritize the blog over other things when push comes to shove.

      Speaking more personally in a ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it still make a sound’ kind of way, if you write an article and no one really reads it, does it still count/matter? From my experience here, K League and ACL articles get very few hits while KNT/KPA get a bunch (and as such this site focuses on those two avenues more). Probably shouldn’t promote a rival site (although I do contribute there too from time to time), but K League United (kleagueunited.com) focuses much more on the K League and ACL.

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