Midweek Listing [Week of 12.30.2014]

Here’s a brief midweek listing for EPL matches:

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Cardiff City faces Colchester United for the third round of the F.A. Cup, and somewhat briefly after its victory against QPR at Liberty Stadium, Swansea will face the team again at QPR. It’ll be interesting to see QPR’s form at home against a team that they just lost against, and you can see QPR goalkeeper Rob Greene’s take on that:


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Tim with an edit, just to recap the weekend’s action. Kim Bo-Kyung did not crack the squad, Yun Suk-Young is still injured, Ki came on as a late sub in a 4-1 loss and Lee Chung-Yong played all 90 minutes in a 2-1 loss.

Lee Chung-Yong will now travel to the MacQuarie University to train with the KNT ahead of the Asian Cup. We recorded the podcast today and it should be out in the coming days.

As it probably is the final post on the site this year, I’d like to wish everyone sae-hae-bok mani ba-tteu-sae-yo! Happy new year. It’s been a fascinating one. From the highs of the Asian Games win to the lows of the World Cup exit, we’ve spent an action-packed year here on the Tavern. Thanks for making it a good one.

Anyhow, I’m done crashing Evelyn’s post. Happy new year!


    • a few months ago we would’ve heard from folks asking why bother tracking QPR. Then Yun showed up again. Player do get out from under-that happens sometimes. Or they transfer elsewhere, which is what I expect will happen in Kimbo’s case.

  1. QPR – Swansea

    W in TF did I just watch just now. lol

    What a game.

    Everyones dying to know what Wilfred did to get under Monk’s skin. Starting lineup along with hilarious substitutions made it pretty obvious something disciplinary was in order.

    I seriously fear for this team once he’s gone, Nice run by Ki to get the assist and he played a very nice match all things considered but Bony is a game-changer no doubt about that.

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