Tavern Podcast: a pattern to decipher behind Korea’s scoreless World Cup tuneup result with Bolivia?

Post game analysis of Korea’s scoreless draw with Bolivia – what does it all mean as Korea prepares for a tough group F in the 2018 World Cup?   What worked and what didn’t – and are there any patterns, any crumbs to decipher Shin Tae-Yong’s puzzling strategies before they face Senegal in a closed door friendly next week. Did extensive conditioning training mar efforts to get a confidence boosting result with Bolivia?  And what was that intra-Korean argument between Son and Jung Woo-Young all about?  Join the Old Tavern Owner Roy Ghim as well as veteran Tavern contributor Jae Chee and new Tavern contributor Michael Welch as we deconstruct Thursday’s result and what it could mean for the Taeguk Warriors. 

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