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Tavern Podcasts you say?  Oh yes, the bar is open. Join the new Tavern Owner Jinseok Yang along with Tim Lee from Tavern Studio Canada, Nicole Chung from Tavern Studio Australia, and Jeremy Paek from Tavern Studio LA as we analyze all things dealing with Korean chu-gu/football/soccer/thug life/whatever [note: so far, thug life as a topic has yet to be covered].

EDIT: And now we do Live Google Hangouts as well! The Tavern Owner is joined by the whole crew, Tavern Studios Quebec, Sydney, Los Angeles, and NYC.


“The K League up to 8/22” series


EAFF Podcast series:


Tavern Hangout: WWC / K League / KNT progress Hangout series (Sorry for the technical difficulties!)

March Friendlies: Link is malfunctioning! Sorry!

Post Asian Cup series: Link is malfunctioning! Sorry!

Asian Cup Preview Series: Link is malfunctioning (AGAIN..)! Sorry!

Pre Asian Cup Friendlies Series:


This most recent hangout (Sept 26, 2014) talked at lengths about Lee Seung-Woo, would it make sense to fast track him to the senior KNT squad?  And we talk about Asia Games progress – will Park Joo-Ho, Kim Jin-Su and company get the gold and get military exemption?

This hangout talked about Bert Van Marwijk and the KFA failing to come to terms – a look at the Asian Games roster – and updates as the European season begins and the Domestic season continues.


and the first podcast? It’s a bit out of date – but if you are curious about it, you can find it here. But I’m warning you, the issues are fairly outdated – for example, we talked about Kim Bo-Kyung when he first joined Cardiff (pre-Premier League circa 2012).  At that time, the Tavern was using Podbean to host the podcast – that hosting might expire in the near future.


  1. I really appreciate this Roy! Now I can listen in on the podcasts of the past with ease without painstakingly looking for them in the archives. 🙂

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