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  1. why? what’s wrong with that? tunisia was a win away from coming to the world cup themselves. it’s not too bad. however, on another note. i never understood the decision to schedule friendlies based on what essentially is racial/regional stereotyping rather than ACTUAL playing style similarities. tunisia is close to algeria, but do they really play similar styles? and it’s not just korea that does this. people play japan to play a team supposedly similar to korea, which is absurd. well, except this year. this is the first time in a long time that they are somewhat similar playing style-wise, and even then there are other teams that probably play more similar styles than each other. just another one of my rants. it always bothered me.

    • Tunisia was Fifa ranking 44 by January of 2014… Korea was 154.

      Rankings don’t say all, but regional similarities tend to bring similar type of players. I agree that the resemblance of playing style is not to similar, It was good enough option to friendly.

  2. the way I see it, given the condition of this team, it doesn’t matter who we play as long as we play.

    the potential for injury aside, this team needs the practice no doubt.

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