Weekend Roundup 12/19-12/21

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend. SHM had another crappy day, and an accidental goal was scored by KSY, who has by now established himself as our only consistently good player of the season so far. I guess you could include LCY and KJS as consistently good but LCY’s form started with Lennon’s arrival and KJS had a very late start to say “consistent” just yet, but 5 games in and he’s been damn impressive.

Also, news flash: Barca’s FIFA CAS appeal decision should be out very soon, as earlier today it was announced they’d announce it in 24 hrs. Hopefully PSH LSW and JGH will be able to play for their respective teams once more.

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The only real newsworthy videos from this weekend: skill + goal


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  1. I just heard that a few academy players on appeal have already been certified ok to play, but now Barca is awaiting the appeal for PSH LSW & JGH. Crossing fingers and toes.

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