Tavern Podcast: Korea’s 2018 World Cup, the miracle at Kazan & where Korean football goes from here

The Korean Football Podcast
The Korean Football Podcast
Tavern Podcast: Korea's 2018 World Cup, the miracle at Kazan & where Korean football goes from here

Join Roy Ghim, Tim Lee and special guest, Korean American sports journalist Steve Han as we deconstruct Korea’s wild World Cup roller coaster ride, the miracle of knocking out the World Cup defending champs Germany 2:0 after disappointing results in Group F, the heroes of Kazan like Kim Young-Gwon, Cho Hyun-Woo, Son Heung-Min, and dissecting the pros and cons of Shin Tae-Yong. Steve Han illuminates a number of shocking discoveries behind the scenes about Korea’s World Cup campaign (in fact, try jaw dropping).  Is Shin Tae-Yong going -or staying? We also look to the future, ex Barca academy player Lee Seung-Woo getting valuable World Cup experience, Valencia’s Lee Kang-In recruited by Spain in an attempt to naturalize him into becoming a Spanish citizen, and Son Heung-Min as the confirmed overage player selected for the upcoming Asian Games. Speaking of the Asian games, who could be the other 2 overage players as a new generation looks to vie for military exemption and unshackle their footballing careers to help bolster the future of Korean football?  Finally we look briefly at where Korean football goes from here, including a sharp focus on some pretty damning observations about the ineffectiveness at the very top of the Korean FA.  Join us for this wild ride back into Korea’s weird World Cup campaign – a cognitive dissonance into total ineptitude followed by absolute brilliance.

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