K League Transfer Zone (Confirmed, Summer Window 2018)

Tavern of Taeguk Warriors is back with the K League transfer zone. All the confirmed in’s and out’s right here. The 2018 Summer Transfer Window has now officially opened. We will be again covering the K League transfer window this Summer. Stay tuned and keep up to date with us with all the latest transfers from the 22 K League clubs.

UPDATED: 5th of August

2018 K League Summer Transfers — K League 1




Daegu FC

Cho Suk-Jae (From Lokomotiv)

Edgar Bruno da Silva (from Buriram United)

Ze Roberto

Nishi Tsubas

Hong Seung-Hyun (to FC Anyang on loan)

Kim Kyung-Joon (to FC Anyang on loan)

Lee Dong-Myung

Jean Carlos

Gangwon FC

Moon Chang-Jin (From Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai FC)

Han Yong-Soo (From Pocheon Citizen Football Club)

Choi Joon-Hyeok (To Gwangju FC)

Lee Keun-Ho (To Ulsan Hyundai)

Moon Chang-Jin

Gyeongnam FC

Yoo Ji-Hun (From Seoul E-Land)

Jwa Joon-Hyeop (From Jeju United)

Cho Young-Cheol (From Ulsan Hyundai)

Lee Gwang-Jin (From Suwon FC)

Min Joon-young (From Seongnam FC)

Paulo Luiz Beraldo Santos (From Guarani)

Park Hyun-Woo

Ivan Herceg (To Seoul E-Land)

Cho Byung-Kook (To Suwon FC)

Kwon Yong-Hyun (To Suwon FC)

Ahn Seong-Bin (To Seoul E-Land)

Kim Hyeong-Rok (To Changwon City)

Shim Ji-Hoon (To Gimhae City)

Cho Young-Cheol

Incheon United

Nam Jun-Jae (From Seongnam FC)

Jorn Anderson (Manager)

Kim Han-bin (in a trade with Bucheon FC)

Cho Joo-Young

Jeong Dong-Yun (From Gwangju FC)

Myung Seung-Jun (to Bucheon FC) Jorn Anderson (Manager)

Jeju United

Kim Sung-Joo (From Ulsan Hyundai)

Lee Ji-Ho (From Daejeon Citizen)

Chung Woon (To Gimpo Citizen Football Club)

Jwa Joon-Hyeop (To Gyeongnam FC)

Lee Chang-Hoon (To Ansan Greeners)

Bae Jae-Woo (To Ulsan Hyundai)

Kim Do-Yeop

Jeonbuk Hyundai

Kim Jae-Hwan (Jeonju Citizen Football Club) Lee Jae-Sung (To Holstein Kiel)

Jeonnam Dragons

Lee Sang-Heon (Loan from Ulsan Hyundai)

Heo Jae-Won (Pahang Football Association)

James Kevin Donachie (Melbourne Victory FC)

Tomislav Mrcela (To Perth Glory)

Pohang Steelers

Lee Jin-Hyun (From FK Austria Wien)

Jucimar Jose Teixeira/Alemao

Lee Seok-Hyun (From FC Seoul)

Kim Ji-Min (Gyeongju Citizen FC)

Getterson Alves dos Santos

Jang Cheol-Yong (Loan to Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club)

Lee Myeong-Keon (Contract Terminated and moved to Busan Transportation)

Kim Min-Hyeok (To Seongnam FC)

Lee Seung-Mo (Loan to Gwangju FC)

Kim Dae-Ho (To Suwon FC)

Jung Won-Jin (To FC Seoul)

Lee Jin-Hyun

Sangju Sangmu

Ko Tae-Won (From Jeonnam Dragons)

Kim Kyeong-Jae (From Jeonnam Dragons)

Park Dae-Han (From Jeonnam Dragons)

Kwon Wan-Kyu (From Pohang Steelers)

Kim Keon-Hee (From Suwon Samsung Bluewings)

Kim Kyung-Joong (From Gangwon FC)

Ma Sang-Hoon (From Suwon FC)

Bae Shin-Young (From Suwon FC)

Song Si-Woo (From Incheon United FC)

Lee Ho-Seok (From Incheon United FC)

Park Yong-Ji (From Incheon United FC)

Ahn Jin-Beom (From FC Anyang)

Jang Eun-Kyu (From Gwangju FC)

Yoon Bo-Sang (From Gwangju FC)

Lee Kyu-Sung (From Busan I Park)

Lee Min-Ki (From Gwangju FC)

Yoo Ro-Mon

Ahn Se-Hee (From FC Anyang)

FC Seoul

Yoon Suk-Young (Loan from Kashiwa Reysol)

Bojan Matić (from Mačva Šabac in Serbia)

Jung Won-Jin (From Pohang Steelers)

Lee Seok-Hyun (To Pohang Steelers) Yoon Suk-Young

Suwon Samsung Bluewings

Han Eui-Kwon (From Asan Mugunghwa)

Kim Tae-Hwan (From Maetan High School)

Elvis Sarić (From Sarajevo)

Park Jong-Woo


Cristovam Roberto Ribeiro Da Silva

Lee Sang-Min (Loan to Suwon FC)

Matthew Jurman (Al-Ittihad Club)

Park Jong-Woo

Ulsan Hyundai

Lee Chang-Yong (Back from Miltary service at Asan Mugunghwa)

Sergio Escudero (Loan from Kyoto Sanga)

Mix Diskerud (Loan from Manchester City)

Hong Joon-Ho (Loan from Gwangju FC)

Bae Jae-Woo (From Jeju United)

Lee Keun-Ho (From Gangwon FC)

Lee Sang-Heon (Loan to Jeonnam Dragons)

Yoo Young-Jae (Retired due to heart problems)

Yohei Toyoda

Kim Sung-Joo

Lee Keun-Ho

2018 K League Summer Transfers — K League 2




Ansan Greeners

Fidel Rocha Dos Santos (On loan)

Lee Chang-Hoon (From Jeju United)

Jung Ki-Woon (To Gangneung City)

Asan Mugunghwa

Park Hyung-Soon

Lee Chang-Yong

Lee Eu-Deum

Han Eui-Gwon (To Suwon Samsung Bluewings)

Lee Jae-An

FC Anyang


Lee Dong-Kyung (Loan From Ulsan Hyundai)

Kim Kyung-Joon (Loan from Daegu FC)

Hwang Seung-Hyun (Loan from Daegu FC)

Bruno Cunha Cantanhede (Contract Terminated)

Kim Tae-Su

Bucheon FC 1995


Myung Seung-Jun (From Incheon United FC)


Lim Joon-Seo

Kim Han-Bin (To Incheon United)

Busan I’Park


Sherjill MacDonald (From Almere City)

Arsenio Valpoort (From Almere City)

Noh Haeng-Seo (From Hwaseong Football Club)

José Carlos Tofolo Junior

Jonathan Balotelli

Sherjill MacDonald

Daejeon Citizen


Park Joon-Hyeok (From Pocheon Citizen Football Club)

Lee Gun-Cheol (Loan from Jeju United)

Sanjar Tursunov

Pedro Henrique

Seo Jung-Ho

Jung Min-Woo

Lee Ji-Ho (To Jeju United)

Gwangju FC


Lee Eu-Deum (Back from Miltary service at Asan Mugunghwa)

Choi Joon-Hyuk (Loan from Gangwon FC)

Kim Min-Kyu (Loan from Ulsan Hyundai)

Lee Seung-Mo (Loan from Pohang Steelers)

Felipe de Sousa Silva

Wang Geon-Myeong

Robson Carlos Duarte

Kim Kyeong-Yeon (Mokpo City)

Jang Sung-Hyun (To Cheonan City)

Olivier Bonnes (To Seongnam FC)

Jeong Dong-Yun (To Incheon United)

Lee Dong-Ha

Srđan Vujaklija

Hong Sung-Hee

Hong Joon-Ho (Loan to Ulsan Hyundai)

Seongnam FC


Kim Min-Hyeok (From Pohang Steelers)

Yoo Chung-In

Olivier Bonnes (From Gwangju FC)

Kim Do-Yeop (From Jeju United)

Marin Oršulić

Oh Seung-Min

Luiz Philipe Lima de Oliveira

Kim Dong-Hee

Min Joon-Young

Yoo Chung-In (To Mokpo City)

Nam Jun-Jae (To Incheon United FC)

Oh Seung-Min (To Mokpo City)

Seoul E-Land FC

Lee Hyun-Sung (From Gyeongnam FC)

Ahn Seong-Bin (From Gyeongnam FC)

Ivan Herceg (From Gyeongnam FC)

Ignacio Herrera

Tak Woo-Sun (To Cheonan City)

Yoo Ji-Hun (To Gyeongnam FC)

Suwon FC

Lee Sang-Min (Loan from Suwon Samsung Bluewings)

Cho Byung-Kook (From Gyeongnam FC)

Kwon Yong-Hyun

Jung Sung-Jae (From Ulsan Hyundai)

Lee Jae-Ahn (Back from Miltary service at Asan Mugunghwa)

Park Hyung-Soon (Back from Miltary service at Asan Mugunghwa)

Han Sang-Woon

Kim Dae-Ho (From Pohang Steelers)

Hwang Do-Yeon (On Loan)

Fernando Viana

Jung Hoon

Seo Dong-Hyun

Lim Ha-Ram (To Gangneung City FC)

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