Korean Players Abroad

As of December 24th, 2017, here are some of the many South Korean footballers who are playing outside of Korea. This list is not complete by any means. It broadly seeks to show where national team (or youth national team) players as well as players who feature for larger clubs within their domestic leagues.

*If you know of a player who is not listed, or any incorrect information, please do not hesitate and let us know*

FWSon Heung-minTottenham HotspurEnglandPremier League
MFLee Chung-yongCrystal PalaceEnglandPremier League
MFKi Sung-yuengSwansea CityWalesPremier League
FWKim Young-kiuMerida ADSpainSegunda B
FWLee Kang-inValencia II
Valencia Juvenil A
SpainSegunda B
Division de Honor Juvenil
MFPaik Seung-hoPeralada (Girona B)SpainSegunda B
FWLee Seung-wooHellas VeronaItalySerie A
FWJi Dong-wonAugsburgGermanyBundesliga
MFKoo Ja-cheolAugsburgGermanyBundesliga
FWChoi Kyoung-rokSt. Pauli
St. Pauli II
Germany2. Bundesliga
FWPark Yi-youngSt. Pauli
St. Pauli II
Germany2. Bundesliga
MFLee Seung-wonSt. Pauli
St. Pauli II
Germany2. Bundesliga
DFSeo Young-jaeHamburger SV IIGermanyRegionalliga
FWSuk Hyun-junTroyes ACFranceLigue 1
MF Kwon Chang-hoonDijon FCOFranceLigue 1
FWHwang Hee-chanRB SalzburgAustriaAustrian Bundesliga
MFLee Jin-hyunAustria WienAustriaAustrian Bundesliga
MFHwang Ki-wookAFC TubizeBelgiumBelgian First Division B
FWHwang Il-sooYanbian FundeChinaChinese Super League
DFKim Young-gwonGuangzhou EvergrandeChinaChinese Super League
DFHwang Seok-hoTianjin TedaChinaChinese Super League
DFKwon Kyung-wonTianjin QuanjianChinaChinese Super League
MFJung Woo-youngChongqing LifanChinaChinese Super League
DFKim Ju-youngHebei CFFCChinaChinese Super League
DFKim Ki-heeShanghai ShenhuaChinaChinese Super League
FWPark Jung-binViborgDenmarkDanish First Division
DFJang Gyeol-heeAsteras TripoliGreeceSuperleague Greece
GKKwoun Sun-taeKashima AntlersJapanJ1 League
GKJung Sung-ryongKawasaki FrontaleJapanJ1 League
DFYoon Suk-youngKashiwa ReysolJapanJ1 League
GKGu Sung-yunConsadole SapporoJapanJ1 League
DFOh Jae-seokGamba OsakaJapanJ1 League
MFKim Bo-kyungKashiwa ReysolJapanJ1 League
DFKim Min-taeConsadole SapporoJapanJ1 League
DFKim Min-hyeokSagan TosuJapanJ1 League
DFSong Ju-hunAlbirex NiigataJapanJ1 League
FWHwang Ui-joGamba OsakaJapanJ1 League
FWCho Dong-geonSagan TosuJapanJ1 League
GKKim Jin-hyeonCerezo OsakaJapanJ1 League
GKKim Seung-gyuVissel KobeJapanJ1 League
DFJeong Seung-hyeonSagan TosuJapanJ1 League
GKAhn Joon-sooCerezo OsakaJapanJ1 League
FWYu In-sooFC TokyoJapanJ1 League
FWAhn Yong-wooSagan TosuJapanJ1 League
DFJang Hyun-sooFC TokyoJapanJ1 League
FWLee Yong-jaeKyoto SangaJapanJ2 League
FWKang Soo-ilThespaKusatsu GunmaJapanJ2 League
MFHwang Mun-kiAcademicaPortugalSegunda Liga
MFKo Myong-jinAl-RayyanQatarQatar Stars League
MFNam Tae-heeAl-DuhailQatarQatar Stars League
FWPark In-hyeokVojvodinaSerbiaSerbian Super Liga
DFLee Won-youngPattaya UnitedThailandThai Premier League
MFLee HoMuangthong UnitedThailandThai Premier League
MFKo Seul-kiBuriram UnitedThailandThai Premier League
DFRim Chang-wooAl-WahdaUAEArabian Gulf League
MFPark Jong-wooEmiratesUAEArabian Gulf League
MFMoon Chang-jinAl-Ahli DubaiUAEArabian Gulf League
MFKim Tae-seongColorado SwitchbacksUSAUnited Soccer League


    • It’s just not that simple for him. His wages are most likely the biggest stumbling block. I think I read he gets about 50K a week at Arsenal, and few of the clubs interested in him are willing to pay that. At 28 (I think), Park is unlikely to get a bumper contract again, so it’s important for him to maximize his income now. The transfer fee is also a potential issue. A third factor is that the clubs that are interested in him are likely to be smaller clubs in smaller leagues, is Park’s ego too big to let him make that move down and admit that he couldn’t succeed at the top clubs?

        • He made a promise last year to Manager for International Team, Hong Myung Bo, that if he can’t find a chance to crack at first team by the end of 2013, He would move in order to play international football.

          Hong, just like many others, have a philosophy of not playing a player who can’t play for his team.

          Korea really needs a decent striker right now and besides Kim Shin Wook, Park is the only option.

          On top of that, Hong Myung Bo is pursuing zero top formation, which needs Park to play False Nine position at AMC.

  1. hey, thanks for this website.
    I recently found it and loving every bit of my korean players info.
    I was reading and just wanted to inform you that
    Park Ju Young Recently made a loan move to Watford right before the winter transfer season ended.

    • I can’t claim any knowledge of him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a number of Korean youth players at different Euro clubs. Maybe Jinseok has heard of him.

  2. Choi Kyoung Rok is attacking midfield/forward for FC St Pauli.

    Kim Woo Hong is LB (and at times LM) for UD Almeria Juvie A

  3. You list Lee Seung Woo for Barcelona (youth) and Rhyu Seung Woo for Bundesliga. I watched all the videos and I can assure you these two are the same Korean player. Is he in Bundesliga or in Barcelona?

    • Yes, they’re different players. Ryu Seung-Woo is a U-23 player who is at Bayer Levekusen. Lee Seung-Woo is a U-16 player with Barcelona’s youth system. Lee is probably considered the best young prospect Korea has produced, and there is a lot of hype surrounding him. Ryu on the other hand is a good attacking midfielder, mainly coming from one goal he scored against Portugal at the U20 World Cup.

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