Nike and KFA officially unveil the home kit

And surprise, surprise it looks exactly like the leaked image that came out a month or so ago.

The new kit. Photo courtesy of Nike
The new kit. Photo courtesy of Nike

The kit isn’t the worst, but it’s certainly not the best either. It is largely the same as last year’s kit, with a small change to the collar (which is reminiscent of the ’08 kit I think) and the addition of the blue strips on the shoulders. Some more photos . . .

Close up of the front. Photo courtesy of OSEN
Close up of the front. Photo courtesy of OSEN
Full kit. Front and back.
Full kit. Front and back. Photo courtesy of News 1.
The word '투혼' is written in the shirt which means one's fighting spirit. Photo courtesy of OSEN.
The word ‘투혼’ is written in the shirt which means one’s fighting spirit. Photo courtesy of OSEN.

I don’t imagine many were shocked by the release given the leaked images. Initial feedback seems to be neutral to negative. Personally, as I said earlier, it’s not great but it’s not terrible. Of the recent kits, my favorite is still the 2010 one (with the tiger stripes) as I think it’s the most original and interesting design, without being over the top.

I’m not sure when the away kit will be released officially, but one would imagine it will be soon. Of course, given the home kit release, one would assume that the away kit will look similar, if not exactly like, the leaked images as well.

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  1. Does that jersey say “Made in Thailand”? I have nothing against Thailand, but would you not think that these jerseys would be made in Korea at least?

    • Just curious, but why? Everything is made in China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand or Indonesia these days. Labour is cheaper those countries and so factories which manufacture things that do not need highly skilled labour are common there.

      I’m sure the England, USA, Spain and Germany jerseys are most likely made in one of those countries as well. I see no particular reason for needing it to say ‘Made in Korea’.

      • I imagine it has to do with national pride and stuff. Like (I think) when there was an uproar about how the US Olympic outfits were being made in China. If it’s your national team, shouldn’t they wear stuff made and produced in your country kind of thing. It makes sense on a certain level, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  2. Jae, did you mean the White and Blue jersey from 2010? If so, I agree with you. I really liked that one. If you mean the red one, I didn’t like that one much either. In fact, I haven’t liked most Korean jerseys for a long time. I definitely think Adidas and Puma do better jobs on jerseys.

    • actually, the red ones were ok. i think i liked the white because there was more of a classic feel to it. but still, generally, not many korean jerseys have been all that great.

    • I was generally referring to both, but I prefer the white away kit too. I bought that one, but not the red. Generally I think Adidas does a solid job, but I’m rarely blown away by their kits as they always seem to follow a fairly basic design pattern. Nike can do some good ones (although I can’t remember a recent one), but also some pretty awful ones.

      • i wanted to buy the white one back then. unfortunately they were sold out.. =(. Confession: I hated the pink 2002 jerseys. The design was ok, but i hated the color. and i hated it even more when people would refer to it as red, when it was clearly not red. lol. ok, i’ve finally been able to vent that somewhere. i’ve held it in for so long. =P

  3. What pisses me of the most about this KNT jersey (and others preceding) isn’t so much the design but Nike’s perceived lack of trying. Nothing innovative….just blah.

    If asked 4 or 5 years ago and before, I would say ADIDAS all day. But now Im preferring either Puma or possibly even Under Armor.

    But of course KFA’s persistence with Nike for all these years of crap barely lift a finger service, kind of says a lot about the KFA in my opinion.

    Bullheaded and not willing to think outside the box.

    • lol. i just criticized the KFA on the podcast comment board. the only thing i really respect about the KFA is their logo. aside from that… blech.

  4. For the white 2014 jerseys, I think it would at least be more interesting if the bands around the shoulders were actually red and yellow rather than red and blue. It just feels like it would give a more korean feel with all the blue in the kfa logo and numbering and collar trim to be balanced with the red and yellow of the korean Tricolored Taegeuk (삼색의태극 Sam Saeg-ui Taegeuk). Don’t you guys think?

    • Oh are they now? That’s hilarious, ugly but environmentally friendly. What’s an environmentalist + supporter of the KNT (like me) to do? (I’m wondering if there are still any 2010 jerseys for sale somewhere? To the Tavern Time Machine!

      • Yeah the 2010 one was awesome but also the 2006 which I’m lucky enough to have is still probably one of the best kits. Is there anyway to purchase past ones now?

    • It does look like a polo shirt, so I guess it depends on your personal preference in terms of style. Personally it seems like it would have been better if Nike had given that kit to England. I’m not wild about the all-white kit for the US. Seems almost blasphemous that there isn’t more red/blue in it. Two big clubs dropped them (Arsenal and Juventus) in favor of other manufacturers. Maybe Nike is getting out of the kit making business (or just focusing on a few big money makers: United, Barca, Brazil, etc).

      • Its really hard to believe Nike blows this hard but what else can you think? They’ve been producing mediocre to below average for how long? I think Nike’s on its way out in a big way. Meanwhile they let Under Arnor gain momentum and their stock is going skyward.

        Nike’s over

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