Tavern Hangout Live: [UPDATE] Assessing Korea vs Jordan / Iran

Must-Watch-Thursday at the Tavern now means tuning in to another Tavern Hangout Live!  Thursday Nov 20 at 6pm EST   //   Friday Nov 21 at 8am Korea Time.

Plenty to talk about, join us as the Tavern writers discuss Korea’s performance against Jordan and Iran during the international break. With the Asia Cup looming and only 4 games under Stielike’s belt, did questions get answered about KNT form?

Update: as the broadcast is over -it’s on demand for your convenience. Below the Youtube link, we have some post Hangout thoughts and formation/roster ideas to propose for the Asia Cup.

First, there’s several formation ideas to explore. These are just conversation starters, but interesting to tinker with.  If you were Stielike’s advisor, which of these formations would you recommend -or do you have other ideas to pitch?

Jinseok’s 4-2-3-1 for the Asia Cup

football formations
Roy’s 4-3-3 for the Asia Cup (version used in Hangout broadcast)
football formations


The above was inspired when I read Jae’s thoughts on the 4-3-3 as a formation the KNT could utilize. Note: Kim Jin-Su as RB, which Jinseok has advocated as a possible option in the past.  Cha as midfield?  Maybe it would work -maybe not.  Below is an alternate version of the 4-3-3 (I tinkered with this 4-3-3 after the hangout)

Roy’s 4-3-3 [version 2]

football formations

The above 4-3-3 is definitely tinkering to a fairly high degree. LCY in the middle of the top offensive 3?  Bolton has experimented with LCY in the middle of the midfield, but while that’s been very effective for him and Bolton -his role and that formation set up is quite different from the above diagram.  Everyone knows he isn’t a clinical finisher – his role in the middle is simply to create havok in the area and get the ball to either Son or Park.  If that doesn’t sound like a good cup of tea, a third variation would be LCY to the right and move Son in the middle of that pack. 

Takeuchi’s 4-4-2 for the Asia Cup

Takeuchi mentioned this 4-4-2 diamond formation post-hangout. On his bench: KMW, KYG, KJS, HKY, KJC, KSG, KSD/LKH

Tavern Owner post-hangout thoughts: there are people who won’t agree with me on this but that’s ok: Park Chu-Young, while he didn’t score these last 2 matches, didn’t write off his KNT existence. I’m presenting a countervailing sentiment, but given that Stielike looks like he will continue with a 1 top striker, then with options available and other personnel injuries, as Jinseok mentioned, he’s left with Park and Lee Keun-Ho.  The performances were both not optimal, but given personnel on the pitch featured in Jordan (for Park) and against Iran (for Lee), arguably Park would’ve gotten better service and possibly a clinical finish. We’ll never know. Alternatively, as Jinseok said, If Ji gets back to fitness, maybe he could be a viable option -but it’s not a sure thing. Stielike’s post match vs Jordan indicated he was ok with Park’s performance, in which case if he goes to Australia with the KNT, the Tavern will brace itself for the comment storm to come.

Jae’s update: Since everyone else has contributed their formation/XI for the Asian Cup, I suppose I should too. I listed two below, one if Lee Dong-gook recovers in time, one if he doesn’t.

Jae’s 4-2-3-1 (with Lee Dong-gook)

football formations

My without LDG formation is similar to Takeuchi’s 4-4-2 diamond (an idea I’ve been thinking about as well), but with a couple changes.

Jae’s 4-4-2 (diamond)

football formations

Tim’s 4-4-2 Diamond
I might as well join in. I would agree with Jinseok for my formation for the Asian Cup, but I decided to experiment with a 4-4-2 for the sake of changing things up.

Lee Myung-Joo and Kim Seung-Dae had very good chemistry for Pohang – would it work for the KNT? Worth a go. I don’t rate Kim Seung-Dae very highly but I wonder, just wonder, if LMJ and KSD can click together. I’ve dropped Koo Ja-Cheol as he’s just not in good form. Kim Seung-Gyu in goal but Kim Jin-Hyeon would be just fine too. Both are solid goalies and a huge step up from Jung.

What are your thoughts on these formation ideas?  Could any of these be the key to unlocking the KNT’s potential and get better results in the final third?

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  1. Just as I suspected, a heads up: Lee Yong from Ulsan Hyundai / the KNT at the World Cu[ + October’s friendlies will join Sangju Sangmu to start his military service (according to a tweet from Korea Football News)

    • Lee Yong is the only national teamer to go, but a number of prominent K Leaguers are in that group including Jeonbuk’s Lee Seung-gi, Busan’s Lim Sang-hyub (sniff, sniff), and Seongnam’s Park Jin-po. Sangju should have a pretty decent XI for next season’s Challenge. Similar to last year when they had Lee Keun-ho and Lee Sang-hyub.

  2. A pretty sleepy hangout on my part, sorry about that. I just said whatever that was somewhat pertinent that came to mind. Blame the cold weather (best excuse 8 months around in Canada).

  3. Nice debut Evelyn. Impressive. That was enjoyable.

    Ive been calling the manager, Struedel, this whole time. Time to take the man seriously. A tutorial on how to actually pronounce his name might be a good one next time because Im still unclear.

  4. Are there going to be any improvements to this site possibly? I think its about time posters be able to post images.

    There are so many Ddo Bbojah memes flying out there in the internet space. So many.

    I need to make that a catch phrase around here.

  5. Jae, I like your 4-4-2 diamond except I think our service to the forwards would be better with KSY further down pitch (replacing KJC as ACM) and HKY should be holding midfielder.

    • I don’t think KSY is very comfortable playing that high up the pitch anymore. LMJ has shown at the club level he can be a decent provider higher up, so I think he’s earned a chance to try at the NT level. I’m not sold on KJC either, but he’s shown in the past that he is good at making runs from deep into the box and getting into good scoring positions. An alternative idea would be to put LCY in the ‘hole’ and KJC or HKY in midfield to add more presence.

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