02/18: Midweek Roundup + 2022 WC in Nov.?

Not much to post about except Kimbo, and another very important item.

* Wigan vs Reading: Kim Bo-Kyung appeared as a substitute in the 54′, coming on for Herd. Wigan won the game 1-0 by a goal made in the 17′ (Pearce).

* According to NBC Sports Network and other sources, the decision has (almost) been made to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to November-December instead of the summer. You can read more about this decision here:




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  1. Thanks for the update…

    Qatar has bought the World Cup, plain and simple, and now this? They are using slave labor and illegal contract bids to build stadiums. I can guarantee the Qatari team will be filled with Latin American players with Qatari passports. This is ridiculous….

    • Another can of worms to open is their obligation to tourists to only drink alcohol in designated zones and to not wear tanktops or show their knees.

      Respectfully, what do y’all think about this?

      • Roy, the Asian cup, if I’m not mistaken, can be held in either the summer or the winter depending on the host country.

        If its in June july, it wouldn’t interfere with the leagues but would have perhaps a somewhat similar effect to teams playing in the World Cup. Granted, the AC can end by early/mid July and all is well so perhaps the clubs would like it more.

  2. The only way anything will change is if the European teams boycott. Really everyone should boycott. Seriously.. Slave Labor. Heck, all of us viewers should boycott. Who are we to complain if we watch anyway?

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