Weekend Roundup 2/20-21

This weekend had a couple of highlights: Suk Hyun Jun started for the first time in the League, played surprisingly well, and scored the equalizing goal after Porto fell to a 2-0 deficit early on. Koo Ja Cheol started again for the first time post-injury, and scored a very nice goal early on, a goal that would win Augsburg all three points in a 1-0 win. Meanwhile, Son Heung Min started vs. Crystal Palace in the FA Cup and showed visible improvement since his last outing vs Fiorentina. Paik Seung Ho also made his official Barcelona B debut – but only got subbed on at the 90th minute. More details and video highlights to follow!

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General highlights of the Porto match: Suk played very well and honestly should have scored more goals than just 1 – hit the goalpost and kept getting really close without actually scoring.

Suk’s goal specifically:


Koo Ja Cheol’s goal:


Now let’s talk about the bad: Kim Jin Su and Park Joo Ho are still in purgatory where neither have been able to play for quite a while. Kim’s situation is probably more worrying considering that he’s much younger and is in threat of relegation. Certainly KJS hasn’t showed the same form he did last season post and pre Asian Cup but hopefully he can 1) emerge victorious in competition or 2) attract interest in case Hoffenheim ARE relegated.

SHM also played very well in his run out with Tottenham: ball touches below:


JDW played well in his short time, and KJC also played very well in his return to full 90′ football.

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  1. I know this is completely unrelated to Korean football, and this may start a debate.
    But do you guys think that Ronaldo and Messi would work together well in a team?

    • Removing the need to one up each other, it could work with reasonable success. Messi would in theory have to play a role similar to Benzema I would think. A “Man Utd version” of Ronaldo could possibly play a similar role to Neymar on a flip side.

      It doesn’t work in reality, but on FIFA or in a theoretical ego-less world it could work.

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