Breaking: Korea’s World Cup Qualifying Group Confirmed

To qualify for the World Cup we must top or runners-up the following group:


It’s very similar to last time – hopefully we won’t make the same mistake twice.

I would also like to comment that this is the third time in a row we got Iran in our WCQ R3 group. You’d think 6 years in a row of meeting each other at the Asian Cup was enough but NO, we get drawn with Iran AGAIN somehow…

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  1. Actually Park didn’t take part in the draw.. He decided not to do it after the other draw participant Sami al-Jaber pulled out.

  2. wow all we’re missing is Lebanon from last time and this time it’s 6 teams not 5.
    in all honesty i would have preferred Australia but it is what it is.
    good luck to Stielike and the team! 😀

  3. I’m sure this time around we won’t be losing twice again to Iran and I think Korea may win the two games this time around!

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