Call Ups for Paraguay/Costa Rica

New manager Uli Stielike has announced his first call ups for the games against Paraguay and Costa Rica.

Goalkeepers: Kim Seung-gyu (Ulsan), Kim Jin-hyeon (Cerezo Osaka)

Defenders: Kim Jin-su (Hoffenheim), Kim Young-gwon (Guangzhou Evergrande), Kim Ju-young (Seoul), Hong Chul (Suwon), Kwak Tae-hwi (Al Hilal), Cha Du-ri (Seoul), Kim Ki-hee (Jeonbuk), Lee Yong (Ulsan)

Midfielders: Ki Sung-yueng (Swansea), Park Jong-woo (Guangzhou R&F), Han Kook-young (Qatar SC), Nam Tae-hee (Lekhwiya), Lee Chung-yong (Bolton), Son Heung-min (Bayer Leverkusen), Koo Ja-cheol (Mainz), Park Joo-ho (Mainz), Lee Myeong-joo (Al Ain), Kim Min-woo (Sagan Tosu)

Forwards: Lee Dong-gook (Jeonbuk), Kim Seung-dae (Pohang)

As said, Lee Seung-woo and Park Chu-young failed to make the cut. Also missing out are Hong Jeong-ho, Ji Dong-won, and Kim Shin-wook. Hong and Ji have both recently recovered from injuries while Kim Shin-wook suffered one at the Asian Games.

Kim Seung-dae is the only uncapped member of the squad.

Broadly speaking, the squad is quite similar to the one called up against Venezuela and Uruguay.

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  1. Interesting as Hong Chul and Kim Ki-Hee get a look, and Kim Jin-Hyeon gets another shot, Lee Bum-Young being off the team.

    Jung Sung-Ryong seems to be in the woods. Stay there.

    • Stielike coached Kim Ki-Hee with one of the Oil clubs, so.. it’s not that surprising. I was hoping for Kim Min-Hyeok to get a chance but I guess it’s a bit too early for him (I think most of you know I’m high on him since I mentioned him often).

      Since Park Joo Ho is pushed to midfield, it would have been better if another forward was called over Park Jung Woo (not a fan of him). Clueless about Lee Yong and his form in K-League but he’s another player I had hope to get dropped after the World Cup (Oh Jae Suk is doing well with Gamba atm or there has to be other RBs as Cha Du Ri’s understudy).

  2. HJH not called? I don’t think he’s injured right? And I think Jang Hyun Soo deserves to be called up, and not because of his performance yesterday. Surprised LDG here and KSW not. Also LBY omitted when they usually call up 3 keepers anyway…

        • Well going by the logic that you call up a starter and a backup for every position… there’s four holding midfielders meaning a double pivot. And two strikers meaning a 1-top formation…

        • The formation – unless it’s a three man vs four man backline – is largely irrelevant. Formations shift during play, so 4-2-3-1/4-4-2/4-3-3 they’ll all end up largely playing the same. The players used and how they’re instructed to play (the tactics) are what counts.

    • Hong Jeong-ho recently recovered from an injury, and I suspect he (similar to Ji Dong-won) was not called up because they are not completely match fit. Kim Shin-wook is also not fully fit as he suffered an injury at the Asian Games and has not recovered yet. I’m not sure why they’ve gone two keepers the last couple times instead of three. Stielike only called up 22 players, so there is an unused space on the roster.

    • Does it make a difference? KJH made a gaffe and was punished for it. LBY made similar gaffe but did not get punished by the opposition. Both did not impress imo, although.. KJH improved after his initial mistake while LBY didn’t get tested often except for one save he was required to make.

      • I have a differing opinion. I think LBY is our future GK and should get as many games as he can under his belt.

        I find is cockiness likable for some reason and he’s albatross-like in the net. I said all along he should’ve been used in the World Cup over JSR….more because JSR is so feeble.

        • LBY is cocky? I never got that impression from him during Olympics or friendlies he played for Korea (he often looked nervous to me). Is he cocky in K-league?

          • I too have never gotten the impression that he’s particularly cocky. I was surprised he was completely dropped, but I wasn’t convinced by his senior debut. Certainly seems to me that Kim Seung-gyu is the next #1 and it’s his to lose.

          • Yup. And not to keep provoking Tim… Who am I kidding, I don’t mind provoking him at all. This is why (even though I want someone other that Jung Sung Ryong) that to write him off whole sale from an objective point of view makes no sense. Simply, you put whoever is the best… Sadly, even if that happens to be Jung. Again, I prefer someone else, but like Kimchi said about KSG and Jae said about LBY, those guys are certainly not a step up from JSR. At best lateral moves. If a GK is on the horizon, it’s unlikely any of these candidates. So, I don’t really care who the GK is at this point as long as they have confidence and is the best of what we got. And yes, even if it’s JSR, however unlikely.

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