Cha Duri joins National Team Staff

Former Korean national team full-back Cha Duri has joined the Korean National Team staff as an “analyst.”

KFA Technical Director Lee Yongsoo announced today that former Korean national team full-back Cha Duri will be joining the South Korean national team for the November matches as a “power analyst”. Cha has UEFA Class B coaching qualifications, which is one below the Class A coaching qualification required to be a national team manager or coach. However, he will be a regular member of the coaching staff.

Lee said: “The national team is currently in a troubled state. I trust that Cha Duri has the experience and capabilities as an analyst. He will also faithfully serve as an important bridge between the coaching staff and the players.”

Brief Thoughts
Trying to put out a fire much?

We got a rare glimpse into the cracks behind the scenes of Stielike’s relationship with the dressing room last month. Don’t remember? Son saying that he was “disappointed” by Stielike’s praise of Sebastian Soria (as a way to justify Korea’s 0-1 defeat in Tehran). Ki Sungyueng said that “foreign coaches perhaps think different than we players do”. A baffled and under-fire Stielike later did the rounds in newspaper interviews to try and clear up his remarks, but the damage was done.

Cha Duri’s appointment is obviously an attempt to reconcile the link between an increasingly disillusioned group of players and a seemingly out-of-touch (and arguably tactically out-of-date) manager. If Stielike truly had the confidence of the players and his coaching team, then why did Park Kunha jump ship to Seoul E-Land? Why did Shin Taeyong happily take the Olympic team managerial position? Rumours are swirling that Shin is unhappy with his lack of influence even within the KNT coaching staff.

It is also an effort to replenish the image of the consistently under-fire Korean national team with the media and fans. Seriously, how can anyone blame Cha Duri for anything? He’s the most lovable guy in the whole world. We were all heartbroken when he sobbed on the Asian Cup final pitch, but we all had enthusiastically cheered his adventurous, bombastic style of play and charismatic leadership.

I don’t much know how qualified Cha is to be an “analyst” for a national team attempting to qualify for the World Cup. I don’t much know about what exactly his role or stature within the coaching staff will be. But Korean football needs more Cha Duri. If this is a “Hail Mary” pass to save a national team in crisis, I can’t help but like its chances.

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