Challenge the Tavern! Play FIFA World Cup Games with us!

Hey Tavern, we are less than 24 hours away from the WC opener!

We are hosting a Tavern league for our readers on the 3 main FIFA games they are offering this year! Come join us and see if you can best your fellow Red Devils, your fellow Taegeuk Warriors, and our authors on your World Cup knowledge 😉

FIFA World Cup Fantasy: DPWREBCB (available on the App Store/Google Play or at This game is the one I am most invested in, so if you beat me you will earn bragging rights with me for the next few years. My team is already on Twitter, so see if you can challenge the Hyun Dynasty.

FIFA World Cup Bracket Challenge: 6f39edfc (available at I am much less confident in my bracket as I feel like I picked way too many upsets. So we shall see if I’m right or wrong about that (most likely, I’ll be wrong).

FIFA World Cup Match Predictor: 52b7f227 (available on the App Store/Google Play or at Beware: Match Predictor is for the Diehards only. If you’re up for it, have a crack at predicting the scores for all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup (I actually am not diehard enough to give this one a go! But I think we have some diehards here!)

Come join us and aim to be the #1 Taegeuk Warrior in our three FIFA WC games this year for all the bragging rights in this FB group and on Twitter! The three winners will be invited to join us on our post-WC podcast, so let’s go!

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    • Hi Evelyn! I’ve read that. I don’t know if our main social media account tweeted it out but I know I found it through Nicole on Twitter, one of our contributors!

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