Champions League Final: Juventus or Barcelona?

I was recently inspired by a picture of our old Tavern Owner Roy sporting a Barcelona jersey to put up this post even though it really doesn’t concern Korean Football.


Who are you rooting for?


Now, in the meantime I would low-key support Barcelona due to PSH LSW and JGH’s presence there, but they aren’t playing and there are a couple of players on that team I personally dislike. Now as for Juventus I have ridiculous respect for the majority of the players on that team. So I will throw my own opinion out there – I would like for Juventus to win. But that’s not necessarily the team that I think WILL win.

Who do you think will win?


Sometime after the game I’ll update the post with 1. where our allegiances lie and 2. how many of us picked the right team to win!

^ 56% of people were rooting for FCB; 44% were for Juventus. 88% of respondents said FCB would win, 13% said Juve would win. I also voted FCB to win, unfortunately. Perhaps Chiellini’s presence could have changed things. Oh well. Congratulations to Diver’s FC for spending at least 10 minutes on the ground / falling down for no reason. Did they deserve to win? I think so. But the way in which they did it was disgusting in my eyes at least. What worries me is that LSW, trained at the La Masia School of Diving, does the same thing…

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  1. Ha! I see what you did with your editorializing in the post game section! Well, editorializing is a prerequisite – so I have no beef.

    Yes LSW does some diving but hell, unless you’re Messi, good players in Europe dive on occasion – an unfortunate reality. He’s got the skill & moxie to pull it off however. I’d put that in the positive footballing qualities category personally (and reluctantly).

  2. Sorry to be completely off topic, but does anyone know how Shin Young Rok is now after his heart attack? He would have been an NT regular if not for unfortunate situations….

    • Still has trouble walking. The guy was a strong athlete who could run for miles and now he’s weak as a 80 yr old halmuni.

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