Cover it Live: World Cup Draw Event

The draw is here! Which group will Korea end up in? Who will be our opponents? Will there be a group of death? Join in the conversation!


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    • The event is like a group chat (text). And I believe, Cover it Live automatically archives the whole event from start to finish. So, you can go through and read what everyone has said (typed). There is also discussion amongst us about the possibility of a podcast. Not sure if scheduling permits it though. We’ll see.

  1. It’s looking now very likely we’ll have another Tavern podcast at some point after the draw. It’s pretty safe to say that if there’s any further questions you want to submit that wasn’t answered during the Cover it Live event – send it here and we’ll try to take that on for the podcast

  2. I’m so glad we have our group the way it is. We can beat Belgium and prove that Japan isn’t the only asian team that can beat that team and we need to avenge our 2-1 loss to Russia in the world cup. For Algeria, we all know what’s going to happen.

  3. Overall, I’m happy with our group. Belgium will probably be the strongest team with Russia not too far behind. Russia doesn’t really have outstanding players, but they are coached by Capello. Algeria will be tactically overwhelmed by Korea’s explosive midfield.
    It’s a pity that we’re stuck with Jung Sung Ryong as a keeper again. Not sure if anyone agrees with me, but he is slow, questionable in judgment, and no reflex. And also, Korea’s striking option still remains in a crisis. I don’t think Hong will ever recall Park Chu Young. Maybe Hong is thinking about plans after World Cup, but I think Park can be short term solution to our striking woes. If we were drawn in near-impossible group, I would not have minded omitting PCY. If Park leaves Arsenal in winter in search of regular football, he should be added back to the national squad. I think Ji Dong Won also needs to leave his club as well. He isn’t getting any playing time in a less-than-mediocre club called Sunderwhut?. I’m pretty sure O’Neal and Di Canio really killed his confidence as a striker over the last two years. I really can’t see any hope for Ji Dong Won anymore.

    • Well Gus Poyet complimented Ji Dong Won’s talent from observing him in training and many clubs in Bundesliga want Ji Dong won. Well we aren’t stuck with Jung Sung Ryong because we have Kim Seung Gyu who is a very good keeper IMO.

  4. Korea can end up not advancing to 16. I don’t think Algeria is a gimme. Algeria put up a fight against the US the last World Cup.

    • Yeah even though Im glad for the group we were tasked with, Im really not understanding all the glowiness around here. Beglium is going to own us most likely, and Russia is not even near them in quality and still owned us. Belgium to me is top 5 in the world at least.

      We have a shit ton of work cut out for us and unfortunately not enough time. If we make it out of the group, Ill consider that a huge achievement given where we are right now.

      We need a full turnaround and its going to come down to making this team gel and sum being greater than the parts combined.

      • Well Japan did beat Belgium in a friendly 3-2 so Belgium isn’t that strong (unless Japan is strong which I don’t want to admit). Korea would have won 1-0 or at least drawed 1-1 to Russia if Kim Seung Gyu was playing not Jung Sung Ryong for that match.

        • Transitive properties do not exist in football.

          Especially in friendlies.

          Clearly, on paper anyway, Belgium is a very talented team and we’ve never played them well. I full expect them to high press us in which case, we are F’d.

          • And Hong Myung-Bo said South Korea couldn’t afford to think they would have it easy against highly talented Belgium, physical Russia and Algeria.

            “South Korean fans may not be too familiar with Belgium, but I think they will be an even better team next year,” said the coach in Brazil, according to Yonhap news agency.

            “Russia is a team of physical and skilled players and Algeria is also a strong team. There is never an easy group at World Cups, and we can’t afford to think that we’ve ended up in one.”

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