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So, next Friday/Saturday (depending on where you live) is the draw for the World Cup, and it’s kind of a big deal. As such, depending on interest, we (or at least me) here at the Tavern, in our continuing effort to reach out and connect with our patrons, are considering our first live-blog event. So, vote in the poll below:

If there seems to be enough interest in it, there will be a CoverItLive event here at the Tavern where all who are interested can come, follow, and talk about the draw. CoverItLive does charge a fee to use it, so if you’re interested please vote. If there aren’t enough votes to warrant paying the fee, we will stick with the live tweeting that has happened during matches.

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    • It depends on the plan. If we figure just a small group then they have a free “trial” version. The free plan allows for 100 ‘clicks’ which, theoretically would allow 100 people in, but people may leave, come back, click in and not stay, etc. I haven’t used CiL before so I’m not really sure how much we need. CiL says 20% of your page traffic will click in, that would be anywhere from 80-200 people for us depending on the day. Personally I’m not expecting a huge turnout, but I’d like to be somewhat prepared.

  1. For those who answered ‘what’s a live blog’ in the poll. A live blog is sort of like a group chat. It would allow us (the writers) to talk about the what is happening with the draw in real time with y’all. So, instead of people just leaving comments on the site, everyone can talk to each other at once.

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