K-League Challenge: Daejeon Citizen Promoted

This probably doesn’t deserve its own post but I’m too happy to not make it one. A midweek game between Ansan Police and Anyang FC ended in a draw, meaning that Daejeon Citizen have completed the job and won the K-League Challenge title. In doing so, they also secured auto-promotion, being the first Korean team in history to secure auto-promotion to a top tier. (Sangju won the 2nd tier last year, but had to go through a promotion playoff, which they won.)

These were the scenes among the away fans when Daejeon won 1-0 over Bucheon last weekend, which made it all but a fore-gone conclusion that Daejeon would earn promotion. (Headphone alert… turn down the volume or bust an eardrum or two).

I’m guessing a couple of “waygookins” from Britain helped out there. The promotion playoff spots (2nd through 4th, the lower you place in there, the more games you have to play to earn the final playoff against the K-League Classic 11th place team) are currently occupied by Ansan (2nd), Anyang (3rd) and Suwon FC (4th). Ansan Police have secured the 2nd spot, and Anyang will likely take third, leaving the final playoff spot up for grabs.

That’s all tonight from Tavern Studio Canada, the country where 5 degrees Celsius is a warm fall day. Thought I’d throw that in. Why the hell not? Jalgayo!

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  1. i think it’s worthy of a post. good for them. i feel happy for these clearly committed fans. btw, do you know what they’re singing? i only picked up on (i think) “we love you, daejon.”

    • “We love you Daejeon, we do! Oh Citizen we love you!”

      “Ale Citizen”

      “Daejeon! Daejeon! Daejeon! Daejeon! Daejeon! Citizen! Oh Citizen!”

      That’s what I hear at least.

    • Lol, Jae heard all of them it seems.

      I was only suggesting it wasn’t worthy of a post since it’s my hometown team and I’m obviously biased. But I’m very glad they’ve been promoted. Next year, Jeonbuk, Seoul, Suwon, Pohang, here we come!

  2. One of you guys should do a piece on the fans that make up these clubs. Id be really interested to read something like that. Im guessing most of these club cities are mostly blue collar for instance?

    • Fans that make up the clubs? Hm, not sure what you mean. I don’t know what would suggest that it would be different from western culture? I think sports goes beyond all that kind of thing? You can be the finest defense attorney in the world or the worst construction worker but I’m not sure it matters – the love of sports is still there?

      I probably understood wrong, didn’t I?

      • I think Kimchi’s idea is a good one. Fans will be fans, sure. However, each context is different. We always read about ManU and Liverpool and Barca and Real Madrid fans, etc. We don’t really get to hear about K-League fans, especially since we are so critical of the lack of them. It just seems like they are stories worth exploring and hearing.

  3. I was a little vague but all I meant is that Id be interested to know what the typical fans are like who support these clubs.

    Yahoo sports did a really interesting piece on how Jleague is getting pumped over there and how some of these clubs have undying fan support and loyalty. For instance, the Jleaugue is renovating their soccer stadiums with a lot of money to make their fans feel as comfortable as possible, so they develop fans who feel the place is home. Kyopos like myself have no idea how the Kleague really is. My Korean is operating on an elementary school level so I can only go so deep. Asian club soccer is really hard to identify with for some like myself.

    • I assume you’re talking about the ‘ultras’? Like are they mainly students, blue collar workers, etc? Or are you asking about political leanings like in Europe? Or are you talking about the ‘average fan’ that attends?

  4. Not so interested in the politics. Yes…fans like the Ultras.

    You live in Korea now right Jae, assuming you’re from the U.S. though? Who do you support over there or do you?

    • Dude, you should know by now that he is a miserable Busan IPark fan. Lol. =P. Anyway, I just think this was actually a great question asked by Kimchi, and I don’t get to say that often enough. 😉 Right, Kimchi? If Roy was in Korea, this would have been a perfect writing assignment for him!

      • Ah, I get the question now. That makes more sense. I have a friend who has friends in the Daejeonistas (Daejeon Citizen ultras) so maybe when time clears up I can write a piece on them.

        And yes, Jae is a miserable Busan fan indeed, but I the Daejeon fan can’t really mock him… next year I’ll probably be feeling just as miserable as Daejeon try to stay up =D

    • Yes, as Daniel and Tim have said I support Busan IPark (where I live now and my hometown team). Not sure where the ‘miserable’ comes from though. Realistically, I am the only one who can do this assignment being the only one of the writers here in Korea (although Tim says he has a connection to Daejeon’s ultras). Can it happen? Maybe . . . again like Daniel said this is really one for Roy. I’m not really an interview/narrative writer. And with only a few weeks left in the season there’s not a lot of time to interview people (other than Busan fans). Might be better to put it on hold until next season?

      • Ah – I’m late to the conversation – yeah this would be a really neat thing to do (if I didn’t have 2 kids running amok). I had dreamed of traveling for a month or two, taking in all the K-League Classic and Challenge games, talking to the club insiders and ultras and ex-pats hungry for anything football related. I’d hunt down Korea FA officials who would then run away from my mic.

        Jae had recommended to me a while back to listen to the Spanish Football Podcast w/ Sid Lowe and Phil Kitromilides at https://soundcloud.com/thespanishfootballpodcast where they recorded and conversed while taking in a game at the Vallecalas. That would be something kinda like what I’d love to do over in Korea with that stretch of time. Alas, just a dream…

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