East Asian Cup Call Ups

Hong Myeong-Bo has named his first squad since being appointed national team boss for the East Asian Cup.

All the players are based in Korea, Japan, or China. The call ups are as follows:

Goalkeeper: Jung Sung-Ryong (Suwon), Lee Bum-Young (Busan)

Defender: Kim Jin-Soo (Albirex Niigata), Kim Min-Woo (Sagan Tosu), Kim Young-Gwon (Guangzhao Evergrande), Jang Hyun-Soo (FC Tokyo), Hong Jeong-Ho (Jeju), Hwang Seok-Ho (Sanfrecce Hiroshima), Lee Yong (Ulsan), Kim Chang-Soo (Kashiwa Reysol)

Midfielder: Ko Mu-Yeol (Pohang), Yeom Ki-Heon (Police), Lee Seung-Gi (Jeonbuk), Yun Il-Lok (Seoul), Ko Yo-Han (Seoul), Cho Young-Chul (Omiya Ardija), Park Jong-Woo (Busan), Lee Myeong-Joo (Pohang), Ha Dae-Sung (Seoul), Han Kook-Young (Shonan Bellmare)

Forward: Kim Shin-Wook (Ulsan), Kim Dong-Sub (Seongnam), Seo Dong-Hyun (Jeju)

For the most part there are few surprises in the calls. Lee Dong-Gook, as reported earlier did not make the cut. Neither did Asian player of the year Lee Keun-Ho. Many of the players here were part of Hong’s U-23 setup. It is good to see former U23 captain Hong Jeong-Ho back in the fold after recovering from his injury.

It is likely that Hong will stick with the 4-2-3-1 set up, which he used in the past. Beyond that, the player selection is a bit more in the air. Jung Sung-Ryong will likely start in goal, although I would personally like to see what Lee Bum-Young can offer. The left back contest is still in the open. Kim Jin-Su and Kim Min-Woo are the two likely options. Both are regular starters for their J1 teams, but Kim Min-Woo is a bit more of a wingback/midfield option. The three likely choices for centerback are Hong Jeong-Ho, Kim Young-Gwon, and Jang Hyun-Soo. Kim Chang-Soo will likely start at right back.

In midfield one figures that Lee Myeong-Joo did enough in the qualifiers to start as the deeper passer. Either Park Jong-Woo or Han Kook-Young will likely start next to him. Han Kook-Young was the regular starter under Hong in Olympic qualifying, but Park did well in London, and offers a more box-to-box option. Yeom Ki-Heon and Lee Seung-Gi seem the likely starters for the wide spots (although Kim Min-Woo could start there too). The attacking midfield spot would seem to be either Ko Mu-Yeol, who is having a good season with Pohang, or Cho Young-Cheol who is a regular starter with J1 leaders Omiya Ardija. Kim Shin-Wook seems the likely starter at forward.

So, my first glance XI would look something like this:

football formations

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    • It should be an interesting watch. While the important Euro-based players aren’t involved, it will give a chance for some of the players, mainly in Japan, to get a chance and see what they can offer. Also, some of the younger players will get some more experience, particularly in defense and central midfield (Park Jong-Woo and Han Kook-Young).

    • Can you tell me where you are? In Korea it will be broadcast on JTBC. JTBC will also live stream it through their webpage as well Naver. Those options may be restricted to Korean IP addresses though. I’ll check around and see if places like One World Sports will broadcast it internationally.

        • I’m not positive myself (having been in Korea for the past few years), but I’ve asked the big boss (who knows these kind of things), and once he gets back to me I’ll let you know. For now I can say that One World Sports will broadcast it live and on replay. I’m not sure about streams though.

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