Exclusive Interview with Hong “Moondog” Moon: Why South Korea will one day win the World Cup

Hong Moon, also known as “Moondog”, has had quite the career. After a youth career in England and Sweden, he had to retire due to injury, and came back to Korea. He became the youngest Korean to obtain the UEFA B coaching license, and is now the owner and manager of amateur team STV (Share the Vision) FC. STV FC is strongly influenced by Moondog’s experiences playing in Europe. 

Moondog’s YouTube Channel, TrainLikePros SPT, became well known in the Korean football world as Moondog shared his thoughts on the Korean National Team, publishing videos which analyzed specific matches, players, and decisions by the manager at a very advanced level. One example can be seen here.

TrainLikePros SPT now has 51K subscribers and nearly 800 videos, and has progressed to revolve around STV FC, introducing its players, matches, and training methods. 

The Tavern was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to speak with Moondog, and he discussed how his football club seeks to model the European system, and furthermore shared his opinions on the KNT, K League, and Korean football culture as a whole. 

Although we strongly encourage watching/listening to the entire interview, this summarizes the interview:

Introduction: 0:00-1:54

  • Moondog provides a brief introduction about his career in England, Sweden, and Korea

STV FC: 1:55-09:06

  • Moondog discusses his unique football club STV FC, and how it differs from traditional Korean football and models the European system

Defining Experience: Nearly going blind 09:07-12:35

  • Moondog discusses about an injury that changed his view on life

Why Korea can win the World Cup 12:36-15:46

  • Moondog discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Korean football, the changes that are going on now, why he believes he can one day win the World Cup

YouTuber, Bodybuilder, and Club Owner 15:47-23:20

  • Moondog discusses how he chose to start his YouTube, and his reasons for starting to pursue other side projects, such as making a personal account and bodybuilding

Fan Culture and Football Philosophy 23:21-27:10 (feat. the EPL)

  • Moondog discusses the importance of a culture within fans, and shares his own philosophy of football

Bento, the Media, and the Fans (feat. Lee Kangin, Paik Seungho, Ronaldo, Gamst, and Lee Seungwoo) 27:11-39:15

  • Moondog discusses why he believes Bento deserves praise, his thoughts on youngsters being called to the senior team, and the dynamic between the media and the fans

The K League (feat. Kim Bokyung, Yoon Bitgaram, Kim Jinya): 39:16-42:47

  • Moondog discusses the K Leaguers who have recently caught his eye and shares some of his opinions on the K League

Final Words 42:48-End

  • Moondog ends on a positive note, emphasizing that Korean football has the potential to be world-class when the system supports the amazing work ethic of the Koreans

More on Moondog:

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