Official: Korea’s Final 23-man Squad

Korea Republic Final 23-man Squad:

GK: Jung Sung-Ryong, Kim Seung-Gyu, Lee Bum-Young

DF: Kim Jin-Su, Yun Suk-Young, Kim Young-Gwon, Hwang Seok-Ho, Hong Jeong-Ho, Kwak Tae-Hwi, Lee Yong, Kim Chang-Soo

MF: Ki Sung-Yong, Ha Dae-Sung, Han Kook-Young, Park Jong-Woo, Son Heung-Min, Kim Bo-Kyung, Lee Chung-Yong, Ji Dong-Won, 

FW: Koo Ja-Cheol, Lee Keun-Ho, Park Ju-Young, Kim Shin-Wook

I did not expect Park Jong Woo or Kim Chang Soo. No Park Joo Ho? Man.

In the following press conference apparently PJH’s injury cost him the spot, and honestly he probably wasn’t going to get back in time. He added PJW because HKY was the only defensive fielder and if he gets yellows they will need an additional defensive midfielder. As for Kim Chang Soo it seems HMB has already been to Japan to check up on him. But still. What do you guys think?

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    • I am as well, but I think according to the press conference, PJH’s injuries looked severe enough to leave him out. I think this was something Hong agonized over. Perhaps his last chance to represent for Korea in the WC. Too bad the roster couldn’t be 24

      • Park Joo Ho was the best left back Mainz had and was doing very good at the Bundesliga. I am infuriated that he isn’t in the 23 roster. Freaking injuries. So if PJH wasn’t injured would either Kim Chang Soo or Yun Suk Young be left out? I would like KCS to be left out for PJH but of course a team cannot go with only one right back.

  1. Aww shooooooot Nam Tae Hee was left out as well. Wtf Hong Myung Bo. In my opinion he would be a better option than Ha Dae Sung because NTH has european experience and was having a good season. Ha only made like one appearance for Beijing Guoan/

  2. Was a little surprised to see Park Jong Woo, but not totally. I think when Hong said no “ggamjjak baltak” (no surprise selections) he was in essence sort of ruling out Cha Du Ri. I only wanted him because he’s awesome lol.

    Much more surprised to see Kim Chang Soo. Didn’t think he’d recover in time. Nam was 50/50 for me, and Park Joo Ho should have been nearly a lock, but a) he’s injured and b) I don’t know why but Hong doesn’t seem to value him *that* much.

    Regardless, just the basic squad with a couple fringe player selections.

  3. Kinda surprised YoonIl-Lok didn’t make it either. Ah well.
    Hong is the coach so hopefully he has done the right thing. I guess it’s kind of good having so many players fighting over a position. From memory in 2006,2010 world cups the squads were pretty much always set and the players were always going to go to the World Cup that ended up going

  4. I’ll save the bulk of my thoughts for the weekend Hangout, but I’m a little surprised that people are shocked at Hong’s calls. Despite him saying his calls would be on merit, it’s been pretty clear for months that that wasn’t the reality . . .

  5. Would’ve like nam instead of ha. And it’s really too bad that PJH got injured. Not surprised, but a little unhappy with kwak making the team again.

  6. Nam Tae Hee would have been a better option over Ha Dae Sung. The fact that we have barely any depth in the centerback position outside of Kim young Kwon and Hong Jeong Ho frightens the heck out of me. Kwak Tae Hee is a notorious ball-watcher.

    Makes me wonder why Jung In Hwan was never considered before the selection was made…

    I also hope Lee Bum Young gets playing time in the friendlies…the dude has been dominating the K-League

  7. I agree with a lot of folks here, Nam Tae Hee should be on this squad. Definitely a disappointment and unfortunately not excited about this squad…I do hope for the best.

  8. Leaving Cha out was a mistake. You don’t leave a pure athlete like that out relative our current situation I don’t care what his weaknesses are. He’s made up for it in the past with pure athleticism before and he brings a wealth of international experience. Boooo.

    Regardless…Cha isn’t the messiah either but would’ve much preferred him over any of those other wingbacks no doubt about it.

  9. Does anybody know when shirt numbers will be released? I want to buy a jersey with either Son Heung Min or Ki Sung Yong, but I don’t know their numbers…

    • I don’t think a date has been specified, but I think it would be when the final squad list is due to FIFA (at the end of the month). But, typically Son Heung-Min wears the number 11. Ki Sung-Yueng usually wears the number 16.

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