[Friendly] Korea hosts the Reggae Boyz

After securing an impeccable 4-0-0 record after half of Round 2 in Asian Qualifying, South Korea does have a friendly to play to round out the October senior team’s friendlies. This time, it’s Jamaica making the trip up to the peninsula.

There’s not much to say about this game, other than it presents another chance for Stielike to experiment a little bit. But will he really? The odds of Stielike going out and changing shape and tactics out of the blue are negligible. Instead, expect the attention to be on individual performances – Ji Dongwon making his return to the KNT, Hong Jeongho starting in the backline.

Jamaica, under the tutelage of Winfried Schafer, went on to a second place finish in the Gold Cup after shocking the United States in the semi-final in Atlanta earlier this summer. Don’t let that fool you, however. This team can be maddeningly inconsistent. At the Copa America, they held World Cup runners-up Argentina to only a 1-0 reversal – but last month they needed a 90th minute goal in the 2nd game to beat Nicaragua and avoid losing in a playoff in CONCACAF qualifying. Their team is based around the world, with a smattering of players in the Championship, in Scandinavian leagues and the MLS. Darren Mattocks is their main threat in attack (and the only recognizable name) – the speedy Vancouver Whitecaps forward has 12 goals for Jamaica and 31 caps.

Korea has 1 win and 1 draw in their only 2 matches against Jamaica, the last match between the two sides being so old Soccerway doesn’t say it exists.

You can catch the match on KBS2 if you’re based in Korea, and creative ways abroad. Follow our live tweeting @taeguk_warrior. I’ll do the first half. Follow as Korea tries to defend their 10 game unbeaten streak.

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