Greece vs Korea friendly / Tavern Hangout

T-minus 14 hours, Korea is set to clash with Greece in Athens, a very real test for Hong Myong-Bo’s Taeguk Warriors in how well they can perform together leading up to the World Cup – now 99 days and counting.  If you want a truly dope Greece V Korea prematch analysis, see Jae break-it-down on the Tavern here.

Match will be tomorrow March 5 at 12 noon EST in the US / 2 am on March 6 in Korea. MBC will broadcast in Korea, while in the US – no TV for you…although through AppleTV, itune users can purchase to unlock the MBC channel…I just might try that.

Post match – Jae will have a review to post at the Tavern. That’s not all – the Tavern writers, Jae Chee, Jinseok Yang and yours truly – the old Tavern owner will mull over, grapple with, and eventually assemble on Friday 5pm US EST / Saturday 7am Korea Time LIVE for our next Tavern Hangout on Google to discuss. Interact in realtime -send questions or comments our way LIVE during the broadcast at the Tavern twitter @taeguk_warrior   [you should be able to directly tweet on the Tavern Twitter portal to Tavern screen right].

if you want to send questions ahead of time – you can do that through the comment section of this post below. Stay tuned – we will have directions for tuning into the broadcast. A link will be sent out here at the Tavern -iit’s kind of like a 21st century speakeasy with a password needed to get in. Jinseok is making his debut as host for the postmatch show. After talking about the game among the writers – we should be able to then open up the Tavern Hangout for your questions / comments. We can’t promise that we’ll get to all of them – but we will try our best.


Side track items:

While I opened a can of worms with the last post (no regrets really), Vincent Tan meanwhile has pulled the race card recently in dismissing criticism of his heavy handed (and truly nutty) ownership of Cardiff. In a BBC Sport interview, he claims he is “not a villain,” and goes on, “…I would say even 90 percent of the fans are supportive, the problem is you have 10 percent or five percent or maybe even a few hundred people that are not supportive, a few hundred who are more vocal…


Then you have the British press who have has been misled by some people, feeding them wrong information and saying what a terrible person I am and trying to make fun of me and paint me like a villain. Sometimes the British press [are] maybe a little bit racist and quite unfair.” 

Umm…sorry Vincent, I’ve been a subject of racial abuse – that isn’t racism you’re facing. That’s public scrutiny of your record. I’ve been to Cardiff. You don’t see too many wearing red now do you? What you got there, from firing Iain Moody, the head of recruitment and installing a 23 year old friend of your son whose only football experience had been painting Cardiff Stadium?  Sacking Malky Mackaye when he asked for more reinforcements in the winter transfer season, then hiring Ole Gunnar Solskjær and promising him millions to hire at will?  Pissing off 105 years of local tradition rebranding the color of the bluebirds to red?  Advising the manager that the goalkeeper needs to score more goals?  Vincent – listen, if you think, after the Bluebirds go down in relegation ignominy this May that it’s everyone else’s fault but your own – then I’m the bloody Queen of England.  Yes, I know. I don’t have a convincing British accent. That’s not the point here Vincent, stay with me. Listen, if your club goes down, don’t take Kimbo down with you. Let him go…

and the nightmare is over…what was I saying?

Um sidetracked – right, Guus Hiddink is coming out of semi-retirement and taking over to replace Louis van Gaal as Netherlands boss after the World Cup. We were talking about more Korean coaches getting over to Europe to help gain experience in management- Guus – you need any assistant coaches?

Right – see you all tomorrow. Dae Han Min Guk!




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  1. There’s also the small matter of Tan offering illegal bonuses to Cardiff players in a hotel. A move which could, if the League wanted to (which reports say they won’t), result in a points deduction. Tan has rescinded the offer in light of learning about the news. Sigh . . . such incompetence.

  2. If greece don’t score here I shall have a good guffaw

    started out well enough with Korea’s version of tikitaka which includes PLENTY of back passing but overall a much better showing than the US tour. Nice finish by PCY to get it done.

    Greece isn’t pressing us that hard especially in the beginning but you can see they’re pressing harder into the 30th minute and its starting to cause problems in our passing and retention. Can always tell who’s done their homework on us. The teams who press us hard know thats our weakness.

    Hopefully we find our momentum again

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