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  1. I still feel pretty bad about Ryu Seung-Woo not signing with Borussia Dortmund. That was a golden opportunity missed.

    • Maybe, I wouldn’t be surprised though if Hwang Seok-Ho got a start (assuming the other starter is Kim Young-Kwon). I dread a Kwak Tae-Hwi start, especially against Croatia.

          • Well, Kwak Tae Hwi was pretty solid in defending during the World Cup qualifiers. He even scored some goals. I think Kwak should play.

          • I think he was okay in the qualifiers, but the teams we’ll play against in the World Cup will be far different from the qualifiers. Kwak is a good defender against bigger, slower forwards. But against faster, move agile forwards Kwak tends to get burned for lack of pace. I think he could play against Haiti, but not Croatia.

  2. i would love to see yoo byung soo , and nam tae hee get some minutes in these friendlies

    is there big chance hong going to augsburg?

    • Hong to Augsburg seems a virtual done deal. Hong is supposedly flying out to finalize things.

      I wonder if Yoo and Nam will ever really get a chance. Even though he’s not that old, Yoo’s chance seems to have gone by. Nam? Not sure. May need to transfer out of the Mid East to get more attention from coaching staff.

      • I hope a Korean will be able to play for Bayern Munich one day. It might be Son. He’s already a rising star in the Bundesliga.

        • It’s possible. There were some very light rumors that Bayern were looking at him last season (but decided on Gotze instead). As of right now, Son would seem like the only option, but if Pep stays with Bayern long enough, who knows? Perhaps he’ll raid La Masia and pick up one of the kids there.

    • He’s certainly a step up on the average K League midfielder. The main thing for me is his decision making. It seems quite rare that he makes a mistake with what he does. He certainly is not a glittery player who will attract your eye with incredible passing or vision or dribbling ability, but he is a quiet player that makes those around him better. He is very calm and composed for his age (23), and his particular skill set fits very well with Hong Myeong-Bo’s system. Perhaps a post about Lee Myeong-Joo is in order . . .

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