Ki Sung-Yeung scores 1st Premier League goal

Boxing Day, otherwise known as Christmas for Sunderland, saw Ki Sung-Yeung score his first Premier League goal in a desperate away match at Everton. Cue the 23rd minute: Tim Howard, on a seemingly routine short goal kick/pass to Osman, didn’t realize Ki was lurking nearby.

Ki pounced just as Osman mishandled the pass, went one on one with Howard, then as he was about to round him, got tripped up by the American. Howard was shown a straight red; Joel Robels, making his Premier League debut, tried to stop Ki from converting the PK. Ki’s lower left corner shot hit the post and went right on in for the only score of the game.

Ki had another chance to score later in the match but misfired the shot from the resultant corner kick.

Everton was handed only their 2nd league loss this season.

Sunderland won for the first time in 7 matches, still are at the bottom, but are 3 points from safety.

Ki is on a bit of a roll, having scored his first goal for Sunderland already last week in a League cup match against Chelsea. The question now: will Swansea, who lost to Chelsea today, recall Ki back to the Swans fold, or will he remain on loan to the Blackcats for the duration of the season?

The Tavern Owner is writing this from my inlaw’s ‘cheeb’, who don’t have internet connection, only cellular 3G to get this out. While I have a link here

  • for a YouTube summary of the action at Goodison Park, a more convenient YouTube embed will be up at this post soon -that is as soon as I can get a wifi connection.

    Boxing Day roundup (in case you didn’t see Jae’s more comprehensive roundup)

    Cardiff, Kim Bo Kyung, last 10 minutes, 0-3 loss to Southampton

    Bolton, Lee Chung-Yong, last 18 minutes in 0-1 win at Barnsley

    Doncaster, Yun Suk-Young, 90 minutes in 3-0 loss to Ipswich

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