Korea 1: 1 Uzbekistan / Goals video highlight

Less than an hour ago, Korea finished their first post Asian Cup match with a 1-1 friendly draw with Uzbekistan at Daejeon World Cup Stadium.  We’ll have a more thorough recap and player ratings later, but with a sick 2 year old daughter to care for, the Tavern Owner’s hands are a bit tied…but as promised: goal highlights

Korea drew first blood with a 15th minute set piece goal by Koo Ja-Cheol (corner taken by Son Heung-Min), they were unable to stop Uzbek’s run against play to generate a goal seemingly from nowhere…

While Korea overall started brightly with an initially decent passing game, they could’ve/should’ve had several more goals in the first half. Not taking advantage earlier gave the Uzbeks a chance to get back into the game. That and Korea’s passing game dematerialized and disappeared into thin air…

At this point I’ll have to take a step back.  Player Ratings up soon and Jinseok should be back to recap Korea’s mixed outing today. I don’t want to give too much away from his recap other than to foreshadow some of the positives in the match -this from Tim during the game:


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