Korea Schedules Two September Friendlies

The KFA has announced two new friendlies to be played in September. One on September 6th in Incheon, and one on September 10th in Jinju Jeonju. If you’ve forgotten the previously scheduled friendly for one of those dates against Iran was canceled. So who are the teams? Read on.

Sorry, correction note. In the initial version I mistakenly wrote Jinju for the Croatia game. That is incorrect. The match will be played in Jeonju, home of two of our most beloved (sarcasm) former national team people.

Second correction note, Haiti is obviously not in the Pacific, it’s in the Caribbean. Apologies, brain not working too good right now.

The first opponent is little Pacific island Caribbean island Haiti. That match, again, will be in Incheon at 8pm.

And in a rare instance of re-matches, the second match will be against Croatia. That one, again, will be in Jinju Jeonju at 8pm.

The full announcement can be read here at the KFA website (sorry, Korean only).

Of course, we at the Tavern will have full coverage as these two friendlies get closer. Until then!

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  1. I hope HMB will bring out the big guns in Son, Ki, Koo and the other European players (PCY anyone?) for these friendlies. Or at least the Croatia one. Good choice having the Haiti friendly before Croatia, hopefully a confidence builder. Korea needs that, and so do I 😀

    • Sorry, all three writers are just really busy right now. Roy just started up his new school year and has his family, I have my family, work and am in the process of moving houses, Jinseok is busy with school and other commitments. I’m hopeful to re-start the ‘Watching this Weekend’ series this weekend (should moving not interfere). Right now the problem isn’t that the process is too slow, it’s that it’s having trouble getting started at all. Again, hopefully it’ll be rectified soon.

      • Its Alright Jae i was just little rude that time
        We all should not take this as a privilege.
        Thank you so much Jae for putting your special time for sharing with us.

        Family comes first no matter what. Good luck with your moving and hopefully see you soon!

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