Korea vs Jordan: Player Ratings

All in all, a dull game with few standout performers.

Jinseok’s first half reactions

I was originally supposed to do ratings, but then I realized the game starts at 9:30 ET. Unfortunately, I have class at 10:30..

Overall, I’m not impressed. Particularly with the defense, who left way too much space between the DF line and JSR. I initially thought HKY was filling in pretty decently for KSY’s absence, but soon realized we’re really missing him. The midfield hasn’t really been working and we are seriously having trouble finding shooting chances.

Jae’s 2nd Half Reactions

Dull. The switch of Jang Hyun-soo for Cho Young-cheol seemed a significant switch to defense to kill the game with a very defensive double-pivot (against a team playing 10 behind the ball). It’s obvious there is little cohesion/chemistry between the players and it looked a bit like individuals just running around trying to make ‘things’ happen.

*Note: Jinseok’s 1st half ratings come first. My (Jae) 2nd half ratings are after (in italics).

*Understanding the ratings:

Jinseok – In my rating system, 6 = the neutral score.

Jae – Like Jinseok, 6 is the starting point (neutral, nothing really good, but nothing really bad). I go by 0.5 increments (what’s the difference between a 6.1 and 6.2?).


Jung Sung-ryong: 6 – Hasn’t had to do much. He didn’t do anything wrong, didn’t do anything spectacular, although he did technically make one save which I guess. Fun fact: the opposition goalkeeper is named Yashin!

6 – Little to do again. Jordan got a couple shots off, but nothing too troubling. A safe game for him to make his KNT return, but nothing new learned.

Kim Young-gwon: 5.5 – I am not convinced. There’s always a mental lapse latent in him.

5.5 – Little to do, but managed to give the ball away cheaply allowing Jordan a dangerous break. Fortunately they wasted the chance again. Is it time to accept that this is the player Kim Young-gwon is?

Hong Jeong-ho: 6: Again, hasn’t had much to do, and was guilty of ballwatching right before Jordan hit the crossbar

6 – Nothing to do in second half. Covered Kim Young-gwon’s mistake adequately.

Park Joo-ho: 6.3 – he’s been decent and his “ball guarding” ability is not bad, but the space behind him keeps getting exposed, and if it wasn’t for all these offsides there might be some serious consequences against a higher level team.

Yoon Suk-young (45′): 6 – His crossing remains iffy, but he got in a nice free kick that ended up with Lee Chung-yong hitting the post.

Cha Du-ri: 7 – I like his attack and his assist was  really nice, but I can’t help but feel that against teams like Japan, the vast amounts of space he leaves behind him is going to get exploited.

Kim Chang-soo (45′): 6 – Industrious, but lacking the quality that Cha Du-ri brought in the first half.

Han Kook-young: 6.5 – I guess he didn’t make too many mistakes but oh boy he really sucks at shooting and at the end there he REALLY should’ve passed… PJY was perfectly set up for a shot…

6 – Hard working as usual, but still lacking the technical ability to play as a single pivot.

Nam Tae-hee: 6.7 – typical NTH, not as involved as usual though.

6 – Lots of running trying to cover both the deeper creative role and prompt attacks. Did okay with the former, but not great with the latter. (subbed off 82′)

Koo Ja-cheol (82′): s.v. – A short cameo for the ‘captain’. Got a shot off which hit the side netting.

Han Kyo-won: 7 – until the goal he was decent.

6.5 – His direct running was probably Korea’s biggest threat, was subbed off midway through (64′)

Lee Chung-yong (64′): 6.5 – Showed some signs of the form he’s had with Bolton recently. Hit the post with a header, and played a nice through ball to Kim Chang-soo.

Kim Min-woo: 6 – Jinseok seems to have forgotten to include him. Not as good as he was last month. Looked to be a little lost in the sea of midfielders.

Son Heung-min (70′): 6 – Not a lot of time to impact the game, but looked lively (not injured). Got off a shot (that was blocked). Not sure though why he was risked.

Cho Young-cheol: 6 – I think he was the most invisible out of the MF 5, though he hasn’t messed up big time either.

Jang Hyun-soo (45′): 6 – Again used as a defensive midfielder. Was okay, but same problems exist as last time.

Park Ju-young: 6 – he hasn’t done too much (there really hasn’t been much service from the MF anyway) though if I had to nitpick he’s had a couple impressive flicks and movement. The PJY – NTH – CYC sequence, his flick to a running CYC (I think it was CYC), and his movement into space while trying to get a header come to mind.

6 – Had a couple nice moments, but as a one-top didn’t do enough for me. Remains a player of 5 years ago, too static and passive waiting for the ball to come to him, which didn’t happen enough. Granted he had little service, but . . .

Coach (Jae only)

Uli Stielike: 5.5 – Another very “experimental” team selection. Something I’d accept, IF something useful was coming out of it. And I can’t see anything new to be honest. Granted I probably watch the team more than Stielike has historically, but surely his coaching staff could tell him these things? Stielike will probably field an almost completely changed XI vs Iran next week. Perhaps it’ll work out in the long run, but the Asian Cup is looking like it might be a disaster.

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  1. Already some strangeness going on pre-match: Ki is not starting. No Son (still nursing slight injury maybe?) and no captain Koo. PCY up top. I don’t know if I’m interpreting Jae’s tweet correctly: formation is a 4-1-4-1? Here’s the tweet:

    Korea XI vs Jordan
    Park CY
    Kim MW – Cho YC – Nam TH – Han KW
    Han KY
    Park JH – Kim YG – Hong JH – Cha DR
    Jung SR

  2. Can we start a petition to get Kim YG and Han KW booted from the team? I see no reason to pursue these two any further. Im tempted to add PCY to this list as well. He’s just WAY too passive.

    The drop off in talent is jaw-dropping. We have serious depth issues.

        • Oh? Who should play instead of HKY?

          PJW? JHS?

          They all have their flaws (at least HKY can say he had good games.. although, he is terribly inconsistent for KNT). I’m actually a fan of HKY but he is a system guy (compact pressing with quick counter). I didn’t like the 4-1-4-1 system with HKY as the “1” against inferior opponents. He isn’t the guy who is going to take charge & start an attack or distribute well from the back. He can be useful & be part of recycling possession in short passing sequence but he is limited player in offense.

          Anyways, I felt HKY got overwhelmed in midfield. Nam Tae-Hee dropped back to support but CYC didn’t do much. CYC should have been the operator to support PCY since Nam Tae-Hee dropped back but he was invisible for most of the match.

          • To be clear, my comment was agreeing that I don’t like him, not that I want to get rid of him. We can’t be cause right now we got nothing better. I can’t stand his reckless headless chicken style of play. And, he almost always gets overwhelmed, Takeuchi. Again, I’m not saying we got anyone to replace him yet, but I’ll be relieved when the day comes.

          • Why not give Park JW a chance? What are we losing here by doing this? I was pretty impressed with him during the Olympics and at the very least showed a certain fearlessness when he played against foreign opposition.

            I dont think Im being premature here in saying that neither of the two rookies above that I pointed out were exposed as the weaker links to the team in Brazil. They were constantly overrun during the tournament, and I pretty much saw all I needed to see. The talent just isnt there.

            The time is now to experiment. Settling with those two, as it appears we are, is bigger mistake in my opinion.

          • And if at the end of this short experimentation that the two rookies above are the best choice, I have no problem relying on them. At least we looked and were left with no other choice.

          • Well, that was Olympics. PJW had his chances (as much as HKY) with senior national team. Do you remember his outings in Jan this year (against Costa Rica, Mexico, US)? Or other various friendlies he played? Or how about EAFF in 2013? Or other various friendlies? Did PJW stand out to you?

            Also, in defense of HKY.. anyone who plays next to Ki inevitably becomes “headless chicken”. Ki’s a positional defender who doesn’t cover a lot of ground.

    • It sounds like Kim Young Gwon continues to show the mental lapses on defense like he did in the summer at the WC. That means he isn’t learning from past mistakes + that’s frustrating. Ridiculous, too, that he easily lost possession of the ball early in the Jordan friendly.

      • Kim Young Gwon regressed since 2012 Olympics. Playing in C-league did not help his development (of which, many of you should fear the same will happen to Jang Hyun-Soo & Park Jung Woo).

  3. Well we obviously have LITERALLY no decent FW options at the moment
    Isn’t the most logical thing to do put SHM up top?

    I can live with SHM – KMW NTH LCY or whatever
    I cannot live with PJY/LDG – SHM NTH LCY

  4. I don’t know why we insist on playing Japan esque and keep possession until a 8 man wall takes the ball from us. We have a SHM, thread throughballs to him goddammit it’s an easy scoring route

    • Jinseok, your comment reminds me, Stielike mentioned before these November friendlies started that he’d make sure the KNT would deliver attacking football during those matches. He needs to keep his word for Tuesday’s match.

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