Korea vs. Paraguay Player Ratings

Uli Steilike’s first game in charge ends in a 2-0 win for Korea. Many positives to take from the result, and he gave us a chance to look at some players currently on the fringe. Let’s take a look at the ratings.


1. Kim Jin-Hyeon (8): Did well to punch the ball out of the net whenever Paraguay came in for the rebound. Several great saves.

2. Lee Yong (8): Nice assist for Nam-Tae Hee and was one of the hardest working players on the pitch.

3. Hong Chul (6.5): Was agressive, some harsh tackles. Several defensive slips.

4. Kwak-Tae Hwi (6.5): Could’ve seen more from him.

5. Kim Min-Woo (8): One of the hardest working players along with Nam Tae-Hee.

6. Han Kook-Young (7). Solid, but unnecessary yellow at 24′. Shouldn’t have skied his shot.

7. Nam-Tae Hee (8): Good control leading up to the second goal. Worked hard.

8.Lee Chung-Young (7.5): Assist finally found a target. Contributed well.

9. Ki-Sung Yueng (7.5): Solid, contributed well to the passing.

10. Kim Ki-Hee (6): Could’ve seen more.

11. Cho Young-Cheol (7.5): His goal should have counted. Was onside when it was scored.


1. Son Heung Min (6.5): Under pressure, and missed an open chance. Will be interesting to see how he works under Steilike.

2. Park Jong-Woo (?): Not enough time.

3. Lee Myeong Joo (?): Not enough time.

4. Han Gyo-Won (?): Not enough time.

5. Kim Young-Gown (?): No time at all.

6. Lee Dong-Gook (6): Slowed the offense, will be interesting to see how his National team career will end and how he will be utlizied.

Uli Steilike (8): We need to see how his future unfolds but very impressed with the way he has taken the helm of the team. Korea’s passing was much more accurate, and they kept posession very, very well (coming out of a dark age). Glad that he gave fringe players a chance to see what they can do.

Let us know what you thought about the match in the comments section. Match analysis coming up next.

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    • Doing player ratings is so unforgiving. I did them during the WC and got shat on for every .5 off. 🙂 so I won’t disagree for no reason…

      (but Kim Ki-Hee was equal with Kwak tae-hwi, if not better, as Kwak gave up that shocking chance in the second. or so I hear).


  1. BTW, I fully expect us to play a stronger XI against Costa Rica, but the scrubs really did well today against Paraguay. Kim Min-woo deserves to stay around, and Nam Tae-Hee as well. Kim JH did well but I don`t think he’s better than KSG. We can compare the two as KSG will start Tuesday.

    LDg was very disappointing and I don’t see him getting past the asian cup

    • Scrubs? That’s harsh. As for KSG vs KJH debate… hmm. I like KJH but he typically makes one or two boneheaded decisions. His overall ability might be better than KSG but KSG has advantage in athleticism.

      As for the starting XI vs Costa Rica, I don’t expect it to be any stronger compared to today. Excluding Ki, I think guys who didn’t start today will get a look (KSD, PJH, KYG and so forth). I have a feeling Son will start & LCY will be rested. That’s a lot of new faces & players who have very little senior KNT cap/experience.

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