Korea vs Peru call ups

Hong Myeong-Bo has announced his calls for the friendly against Peru. Experimentation seems to be the theme again, with many players from the East Asian Cup being called again, as well as a few new players.

The Players

Goalkeepers: Jung Sung-Ryong, Kim Seung-Gyu

Defenders: Kim Jin-Su, Kim Min-Woo, Jang Hyun-Soo, Hong Jeong-Ho, Hwang Seok-Ho, Lee Yong, Kim Chang-Soo

Midfielders: Lee Seung-Gi, Yoon Il-Rok, Ha Dae-Sung, Cho Chan-Ho, Lee Myeong-Joo, Baek Sung-Dong, Lee Keun-Ho, Han Kook-Young, Lim Sang-Hyup

Forwards: Kim Dong-Seob, Cho Dong-Geon

The defense is largely the same with the exception of Ulsan’s Kim Seung-Gyu coming in for Lee Bum-Young. Kim Young-Kwon was not called, likely due to the re-start of the Chinese Super League.

The midfield sees three new faces and one returning: Lee Keun-Ho comes back into the fold, and Busan’s Lim Sang-Hyup, Pohang’s Cho Chan-Ho, and Jubilo Iwata’s Baek Sung-Dong will all look to make their senior bows.

Kim Dong-Seob keeps a spot while Kim Shin-Wook drops out. Suwon striker Cho Dong-Geon takes the other spot.

I expect that Hong will likely start with a stronger XI, largely similar to the ones that played in the East Asian Cup, and then make large scale changes in the second half.

one other note – the KFA has announced that the friendly scheduled against Iran has been cancelled.

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    • I’m not too sure what will happen. Currently, Park is in Korea for a month of mandatory military training, after which his management company says he’ll return to Arsenal. By then the transfer window will be closed. So, unless a deal is struck before then, he’ll be likely with the Arsenal reserves again. The latest transfer rumors/reports are that Hamburg is interested in signing him, and reportedly they lodged a 2M bid last week. Park’s wages are supposedly an issue though.

    • Good question. I don’t see it on One World Sports listings nor ESPN3. It is being broadcast in Korea on MBC for what it’s worth. Your best bet is to find some live stream somewhere. I think it may be a little difficult given it’s a fairly low-level friendly. I don’t know if I can mention any sites here due to legal issues (since I’m technically an administrator).

    • The game starts at 8pm Korean time, which I believe would be 6am US central time (7am EST, 4am PST).

      You unfortunately cannot watch the game on MBC’s website unless you are a Korean citizen or registered foreigner in Korea as MBC requires you to create an ID, and during that process it requires you to submit your ID number (Korea’s equivalent to a social security number).

      Sorry I can’t provide any better information. Perhaps any readers who know of good streaming sites in the US can post them.

    • I’ll attempt to put up a (temporary) link on twitter – no guarantees however. Look for the Tavern’s twitter here or at the twitter handle at taeguk_warrior . It will be up by game time and will be deleted before halftime.

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