Koreans abroad weekend roundup 11.2-11.3

Kinda crazy happenings in games featuring Koreans in European top flight football. Highlights: Yun Suk-Young is Doncaster’s Man of the Match (despite shooting wide on a one-on-one opportunity with Brighton’s GK) while Lee Chung-Young gets noticed while providing a vital assist in Bolton’s win over Bournemouth. In his first Welsh derby, Kim Bo-Kyung had fairly sizable impact for his first touch.  

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Man, this table that Jae taught me how to use is simply rad!  Ok, here’s some further detail on some of the matches:

  • Park Joo-Ho’s 2nd game in a row playing as a left midfielder for Mainz. Traditionally he’s been a LB. His first time around last weekend was considered largely successful. How’d he do today? Takeuchi, who you may know as a Tavern commenter and long time poster at the BSK forum had this assessment (per agreement, I’m reposting almost verbatim his musings on BSK): “Solid 1st half, was a threat on goal few times…poor team performance but Park Joo Ho’s best game for Mainz this year. He was solid defensively, tracked back to help out Junior Diaz often. He had a decent performance except when he was at fault in keeping Hahn onside for Augsburg’s 1st goal. Park mostly stayed near the flank but when he did cut in, he was a threat on goal (had one amazing dribble around the box and scored but called back due to the ref stopping the game when an Augsburg player grassrolled). Slightly biased but he was the Man of the Match for Mainz, or at least should be considered. My only gripe today is his crossing (decent but could have been better) and he played it too safe. He had opportunities to take players on but opted to pass backwards.Huge thanks to Takeuchi for his observations on PJH today!
  • Speaking of Augsburg, Hong Jeong-Ho has been pretty decent and showed his steep learning curve in his first few matches starting in central defense for Augsburg, but Ragnar Klavan’s return meant Hong’s return to the bench. However, he still got some time in when he subbed in for Halil Altintop in the 70th minute. Halil is normally a midfielder, but without having seen the match, my best guess is that Augsburg was playing defensively to hold onto their 2-1 lead, especially after Mainz converted a penalty kick awarded in the the 59th minute.
  • What a fucktastrophe at Sunderland! In a 1-0 loss to Hull, the Blackcats lost Lee Cattermole and Andrea Dossena both to red card violations. Ki didn’t get any minutes- but would he wanted any with the way the game was headed?  I’m not getting Gus Poyet. After the morale boost derby win against Newcastle last weekend and lifting out of last place, he doesn’t play Ki or Giaccherini – two of their best players. Ji Dong-Won, who has been vital for Augsburg and was sought after by none other than Borussia Dortmund last summer – didn’t even make it to the bench. Gus better find his best starting XI or the Blackcats will have to make preparations to play in the Championship next season.
  • Kim Bo-Kyung wasn’t in Malky’s initial plans for the much anticipated South Wales derby – the first time both teams meet as Premier League sides (and the first time 2 non-english teams would meet in a Premiership match).  Mackay appeared to go with a more defensive minded approach with Bellemy and Cowie in the starting XI instead of Kimbo and Frazier Campbell. After a non-eventful first half, Cardiff got the better of Swansea with Caulker’s header on target after a Bellamy corner kick. Kim almost got in the match in the 84th minute, with Mackay giving instructions to Kimbo’s interpreter when Medel appeared too hurt to continue. Medel got back up and Kimbo sat back down. 4 minutes later, Medel indicated he was done and Kim got on to the pitch with only a nervy 1-0 lead to hold onto. Despite the few minutes granted – Kim made the most of the time with a fairly sizable impact for his side. Kim’s first touch seemed at initial glance a mere clearance following a wave of Swansea stoppage-time attacks – but it became clear that this was a calculated long pass to Frazier Campbell. Receiving the pass, Campbell raced in alone to goal when Vorm, who was out of position, had no choice but to take Campbell out. For his sins, he was awarded a red card and handed his goal keep jersey to Angel Rangel!  Swansea already used up their 3 substitutions. And as awkward as that appeared, Angel actually managed a save in his new position! Here’s OptaJoe to statistically weigh in:

    That virtually took the sails from Swansea and Cardiff held on a bit more comfortably in a historic 1-0 win. Curiously enough, following the match, Cardiff’s official twitter posted this twitter-versment about the upcoming Nov 24th Cardiff v Manchester United fixture:

  •  English Championship news: not only did Yun Suk-Young get his first start for his new emergency loan team Doncaster, he was apparently their man of the match. Unfortunately it was a 1-3 loss to Brighton & Hove Albion. Still, a number of news sources quoted the manager for Doncaster making it very known to QPR that they want to secure Yun’s services for the entire season. The Doncaster Free Press described Yun in service for the Rovers, “Yun nearly had a dream debut as he pounced on a ball in the box and tried to steer it past the right foot of the advancing Kuszczak, however, the South Korean guided his effort wide of the target.The home fans got a taster of just how quick their new loan signing is on the break as the QPR left-back carried the ball down the left flank with pace, only to be pulled back by goalscorer Forster-Caskey who went into the book for a definite foul.”
  • Lee Chung-Yong got himself some attention for his performance against Bournemouth as Bolton deconstructed them by a score of 2-0. Lee’s assist helped Bolton break the deadlock in the first half. When he subbed out in the 82nd minute, the losing home side booed the Blue Dragon for his handiwork in breaking down Bournemouth –or they were booing Zak Knight- I suppose if there’s ever a good reason to get booed – this would be it. Here’s a quick vid recap (including the assist):Yumi Heo (you might know her on twitter as @The_Londongirl) got a chance to interview the Blue Dragon post match for Naver.com. It’s in Korean and you can find that here. Translated highlights: Lee talked about the challenging climb back for Bolton back to playoff contention, a nasty tackle he received in the 2nd half that’s hallmark of the rough and tumble Championship division – and the honor of representing Korea in November (for the upcoming friendlies with Switzerland and Russia) marking the ceremonial 80th anniversary of the founding of the Korean FA.
  • There might be more news to relay but it’s 12:42 am at the Tavern and the hallucinations are starting to appear. Not a good sign, it’s time for the Tavern owner to beat a hasty retreat to bed. Drive safe – take the Tavern taxi home if you need it. Chal ga-yo.

Before you ‘잘 가’ very quickly a note on some of the midweek stuff.

Midweek Preview
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Son Heung-Min should start given he was rested last weekend. Park Ji-Sung will likely miss due to injury. Ki Sung-Yueng should start given he was rested last weekend. Ji Dong-Won may feature. He doesn’t play much, but since it’s the League Cup he could make a sub appearance.

Okay, 잘 가요!

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  1. Why is Ki Sung Yueng and Ji Dong won displayed with Southampton while other players are displayed in their respected clubs?

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