KPA European Listings – Oct 25th-27th 2014

And now time for the European Listings – but if you haven’t checked out Jae’s K-League Listings or my Park Chu-Young Koreans in the Middle East Listings, do so first. Done? Let’s go… first off, thanks to Skimmilk, as always, for letting us copy his Weekend Listings table. You can check out his blog here.

Day Time (ET) Player Club Opponent TV
Saturday 7:15 AM Kim Bo Kyung Cardiff City Millwall BeIin
Saturday 9:30 AM Hong Jeong Ho Augsburg Freiburg None
Saturday 9:30 AM Ji Dong Won Dortmund Hannover GolTV
Saturday 9:30 AM Kim Jin Su Hoffenheim SC Paderborn None
Saturday 10:00 AM Lee Chung Yong Bolton Brentford None
Saturday 12:30 PM Son Heung Min Bayer Leverkusen Schalke GolTV
Saturday 12:30 PM Ki Sung Yueng Swansea Leicester City NBC
Sunday 10:30 AM Koo Ja Cheol Mainz @Wolfsburg GolTV
Sunday 10:30 AM Park Joo Ho Mainz @Wolfsburg GolTV
Sunday 12:00 PM Suk Hyun Jun CD Nacional Academica de Coimbra None
Monday 4:00 PM Yun Suk Young QPR Aston Villa NBCSN

** I think England have their Daylight Savings Time end on Sunday, so make sure to check the gametimes above so you don’t assume an 8pm kickoff in England would be 3pm Eastern… now it would be 4pm Eastern. This until we switch our clocks back an hour in a couple weeks.

Kim Bo-Kyung begins the weekend action… or not. Again, he’s not likely to play, although he appeared on the bench for a midweek fixture for the Bluebirds.

For the 9:30 kickoffs, Hong Jeong-Ho has equally slipped down the depth chart, and will probably be a bench option, while Kim Jin-Su is injured. Ji Dong-Won played with BVB II last weekend and could do the same.

Lee Chung-Yong is definitely one of Neil Lennon’s favorite players at Bolton it seems. The former Celtic manager had lots of praise for Chungy, who is now playing in the CM position. Bolton lost 2-1 midweek to Charlton but Chungy earned yet another Man of the Match award. Can he take a MOTM hat-trick this weekend?

Bayer Leverkusen beat Zenit 2-0 at home to lead their Champions League group after 3 games. Son Heung-Min had a fairly good game, and whether or not he starts against Schalke will depend on his fitness.

Ki Sung-Yueng will play on National, Free-To-Air television in ‘Merica as NBC will carry the 12:30pm kickoff between Swasnea and Leicester. Ki is expected to start after a decent outing last weekend.

Koo Ja-Cheol is fit, and will make a “Koomeback” against his old club Wolfsburg. Terrible pun courtesy of Mainz BILD. Park Joo-Ho is still injured.

Suk Hyun-Jun scored in a midweek cup match, and I don’t know much about him to be fair, so we’ll see if he starts or not in the Portuguese league.

Yun Suk-Young made a shock start last weekend at Loftus Road against Liverpool in a tough 3-2 loss. Yun was rusty but promising, from what I heard. Then again, Harry Redknapp never has really rated Yun, or so it seems, so there’s really no clue on if Yun will start, bench or not even play.


– Qatar won the AFC U-19 Championship over North Korea, and will join the Norks, Myanmar and Uzbekistan in the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Weird names there…

– South Korea is 66th in the new FIFA Rankings, an all-time low. Not that anyone cares, but these ranking systems just don’t work. I don’t think we’re worse than both Congos, or are almost equal with Antigua and Barbuda. Just saying.

– South Korea is 4th in Asia however. Oh well, we could always be Australia… 94th in the World, on par with Cyprus.

That’s all I can think of. What games will you be watching this weekend? Jalgayo from Tavern Studio Quebec – a province in a country with heavy hearts in light of this week’s attacks near Montreal and in Ottawa, killing two soldiers. RIP.

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  1. Son Heung-Min’s sonsational (sorry) form recently has attracted interests of many premier league sides apparently. Liverpool who are looking for a more consistant forward have shown interest again. IMO son wont move because he is now a Key player at Bayer (good for me, im a leverkusen supporter) but has anyone heard anything about it? Ive just heard it around a couple of bundesliga discussions forums etc.

        • Wasted enough pounds on bringing new defensive players. Need to sort out defensive scheme/tactic. When you consistently concede stupid set-piece goals no matter who plays in the back 4, it’s obvious players aren’t to be blamed for everything. However, we clearly need a new GK. Mignolet has zero confidence & what a load of cack he is.

          • and which defensive players do you suppose we wasted enough pounds on? i don’t even count the RB and LB spaniards. Lovren is the only real defensive signing. skrtel is bad and has always been error prone, and always a liability on set pieces on defense. i agree the scheme needs to be worked out, but the defense is what’s crappy and was last year, too. a new GK would be nice, though i think he’s the least of their worries. mignolet is like a more talented jung sung ryong right now, sadly. still, just like on the KNT, jung was the least of the problems. the defense down the middle needs work. LFC needs a legit CB with leadership. that and a healthy sturridge, which doesn’t seem to happen much.

          • We don’t need new defenders or “work” as you put it (overall defensive scheme, yes.. cuz we’ve been shit at set-piece defending ever since Rodgers took charge of Liverpool). Sakho is our best defender but he’s currently out injured. As for Skrtel, I disagree with your criticism. He was our best defender last season (he redeemed himself) and 2 season before that. Yes, he has tendencies to tug shirts & not the quickest player but his overall positioning is good.

            Lovren on the other hand.. well, we wasted 20m pound on him. I’m not sure why we even purchased another left footed CB with Sakho around.

            Anyways, the biggest problem is Mignolet. He’s cack and the defensive back 4 has zero confidence in him. They aren’t helped by poor showing from our midfielders too. Gerrard’s a legend but he was never a defensive stud (even if he tackles well). Injuries to Allen, Can, and Lucas being toothless isn’t helping….

          • I’ll wait a little to judge Lovren, though he has been disappointing. However, I don’t think one can really say Skrtel is not a liability. Last season, thankfully he got some goals to offset his poor play. I get annoyed with him, because he makes dumb moves that are unnecessary. He’s good enough that he doesn’t HAVE to make those stupid plays. Anyway, if I give you Lovren and you give me Skrtel, that basically and Sakho is injured, that’s clearly a bad defense down the middle. As for GK’s why is Lloris staying with those Tottenham chokers? He should go to Liverpool. =P. I’m fine with upgrading anywhere and everywhere at this point. I hope Balotelli turns it around. He always gets a little too much criticism than deserved, but I worry the pressure and media harping has started to wear on him a little already.

  2. Appears the fans have really fallen for Ki if you read the Planet Swansea forums. Much different tone now and he seems to have turned some opinions upside down.


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