Lee Seung Woo, Jang Gyeol Hee, and Paik Seung Ho – still going strong

Lee Seung Woo and Jang Gyeol Hee are currently participating in the international Al Kass Cup, and after watching their group stage matches vs PSG and Kashiwa Reysol I was convinced that the FIFA ban had not affected them very much.

Lee vs. Kashiwa Reysol

It’s the same LSW we all know and love but even better! His touches, decision-making, passing, dribbling, and that goal – sublime as usual.

Lee and Jang vs. PSG:

Jang put in a very impressive performance vs. PSG and provided a fantastic assist. Lee bagged a goal and an assist as well, also with a very impressive showing. Here are ball touches for the PSG match:

Some time before the Al Kass Cup the three played together in a Juvenil A match – Paik Seung Ho’s ball touches are shown here:


I had a draft written back in October or so to update you guys on what had been going on with our Barca kids (and Lee Kang In), but it’s my first year in college and I was very busy to say the least. By now most of you probably know what has happened since then, so I will not go into details about their exploits earlier this season.

And just for fun:

– When all three of our Barca kids played together for a Juvenil B Tournament held in Ivory Coast just last month. Unfortunately this was the only Juvenil B tourney held this season, so we haven’t seen much of Paik Seung Ho all season 🙁



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