March Friendly

So, I’m already breaking my word about my break by posting the next day. But this is one of those (kind of) big news things. According to, Korea’s March (3-5) friendly will be against Greece in Greece (Piraeus, just outside Athens).

The KFA hasn’t announced it yet, and the Greece FA’s site is literally in Greek, but FIFA is usually pretty reliable when it comes to things like this. Original rumors were that Portugal were the KFA’s target team, but it looks like the boys will get to enjoy a nice trip to the Mediterranean Sea.

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    • We really need to start doing friendlies against harder teams like England (not a big powerhouse but stronger than most teams we faced in friendlies so far), Netherlands, Portugal and etcetera. We always do friendlies against weaker teams like Haiti, Mali, Peru. Brazil was just an exception. We did face Spain in 2012 but these are big exceptions.

      • I don’t think we are necessarily in need to play juggernauts. It does us no good to get schooled constantly, which is exactly what will happen right now at this point in our development.

        England would be nice but Im sure they have a long laundry list of NTs beckoning to play them at any time of the year.

        But with Greece this marks the 3rd or 4th time we’ve played them in recent years. I guess I shouldn’t complain. They’re good enough to test us.

        I just find it a bit odd.

        • Playing big teams can be good or bad depending on how they go. The Brazil game was probably good, even though we lost, because the team competed well and maybe got a feel that they aren’t too far off the upper sides when they stay focused, etc. But conversely, if Brazil had shallacked us 4-0 (like Croatia) it could have been a massive downer for the players and public.

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