[Midweek Listing] 12.16.2014

We’ve had a handful of game options to tune into this week as the EPL and Bundesliga teams are in full swing this time around:

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According to a mishmash of tweets, Jurgen Klopp has said that Ji isn’t fully fit to start in the fixture against Wolfsburg tomorrow. Koo Ja Cheol, after sitting out the previous match, got in the action yesterday against Cologne in the 62nd minute. Interesting fact: This is the 9th draw of the season for Mainz, according to FSV Mainz’s English Twitter account:

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Also, old news with QPR’s game against Everton: the R’s logged their eighth away loss, but Redknapp sounded optimistic and pleased with the team’s performance (and during the first half-hour of the match in particular):

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.39.11 PM


Switching gears to KNT-related news: the squad of 28 domestic players have started their weeklong training camp at Jeju-do, and the final Asian Cup squad is set to arrive in Sydney next Saturday, December 27th, before going head-to-head with Oman on January 10th.

QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes confirmed that QPR will sign two Korean players next month, and some speculation exists that Kim ShinWook is one of them. Here’s the Naver Sports article (all in Korean) that reported this. With a move that I’m sure will cause various reactions, what’s your take on this?

Jae jumping in here for a sec with some transfer news. Earlier today, RB Salzburg announced they have signed highly-rated prospect Hwang Hee-chan to a five-year deal. The club said that Hwang will spend his first year at FC Liefering who plays in the Austrian 2nd division (and serves as a feeder team for RB Salzburg). The problem? Hwang and Salzburg have apparently done this deal without Pohang. I’m not entirely clear on it, but it seems like Hwang and Salzburg have acted with the thought that because Hwang had not signed a professional contract with Pohang (he is an amateur player) that Pohang is not needed. However, new regulations state (to my understanding) that Pohang does need to agree to any deal as Hwang played in their official youth team. Pohang has stated they intend to enforce their legal rights. I don’t think the deal will be derailed, but I suspect Salzburg will need to pay some (minimal) compensation to Pohang.


    • Yeah, I was crossing my fingers HARD for something to change, but I’ve been reading about how FIFA’s Ethics Committee rejected Garcia’s appeal + found out this morning that he resigned (sigh). The lack of integrity and transparency is super backwards. It happens.

      • there are reports that garcia’s report may be leaked… i’m not sure irony is the word, but that’s very interesting, to say the least.

    • The thing about FIFA is that it’s an organization set up not to change. The rules are there to make sure those in power, stay in power, and that those who have the power to change the rules must first show they are loyal to those in power.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAeHn-GiKFQ&list=PLmKXScdh2pQSZ9-P6lhWtuD07-4OgBigm

    Has anyone else seen this video that the KFA posted on Twitter recently? It’s an excerpt from the KNT vs. Iraq match from 2009. As I watched this video, I focused on how Lee Keun Ho took four shots, most of them on target, and he finally gets a goal during a penalty kick after KSY got fouled.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Lee Keun Ho was more of striker who knew how to finish more so then than now? I also sensed that the KNT’s work rate was great in this video– quick and sharp, but its members are not like that now. I know I’m making big statements based on this single match snippet. I thought that these thoughts were worth expressing, because I was startled at how different the KNT seems in this video compared to how I see its approach now.

    • With regards to Lee Keun Ho, he was always pretty poor in terms of finishing. In fact, the first video in the playlist you posted actually highlights how poor a finisher he has been rather than how the reverse. The first shot was a clear chance he doesn’t even get on goal and several others were clear opportunities with which he did nothing but kick straight to the keeper.

      I think I can go along with the work rate comment. What I noticed in the video is how creative, valuable, and effective LCY was pre-injury and how much he impacted the game on the offensive end. If he could ever regain that form, I think that would be huge for South Korea.

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