Midweek Roundup / Suwon JS Cup update [update 1.0]

Tavern owner on the run, so let’s go: Korea FA Cup results to go over including some near upsets and one bona fide upset. Meanwhile, Lee Seung-Woo taking some flak from the Korean media in how he handled being subbed off in Wednesday’s Suwon JS Cup clash with Uruguay- we’ll update you on Korea’s progress in this international U18 tournament…


Wednesday 4th round Korea FA Cup results (courtesy of Soccerway.com)

Busan Transpor… 0 – 1 Seongnam View events More info
Cheonan City 4 – 1 Korea University View events More info
Ansan Police 1 – 1 P Chungju View events More info
Goyang Hi 0 – 1 E Jeonbuk Motors View events More info
Daejeon Korail 1 – 0 Yongin City View events More info
Busan I’Park 2 – 3 Gangwon View events More info
Daejeon Citizen 1 – 0 Gwangju View events More info
Ulsan P 1 – 1 Seoul E-Land View events More info
Incheon United 2 – 0 Bucheon 1995 View events More info
Seoul 3 – 0 Gyeongju HNP View events More info
Jeju United 4 – 1 Anyang View events More info
Daegu 1 – 3 Pohang Steelers View events



  • The big upset: Busan I’Park going down in flames, falling to K-League Challengers Gangwon.  Point to the Tavern as we sort of predicted that upset…
  • The big drama of the day belongs to the Ulsan / Seoul E-Land clash, 1-1 draw taking the game all the way to a shootout. Seoul E-Land, looking for an epic scalp to collect for their very young club just fell short, losing 6-5 in PKs.
  • Close call for Jeonbuk, they needed extra time for find their game winner against K-League Challengers Goyang Hi.


We go to Suwon for the renamed Suwon JS (for Park Ji-Sung) Cup, a U18 international round robin tournament. Wednesday saw Korea edge out Uruguay 1-0, a nice goal by Lee Dong-Joon / with an equally bright assist by Lim Min-Hyeok.  Barcelona academy’s Lee Seung-Woo started, had some decent touches, two or more chances at goal, a possible earned PK (ruled not a PK) but also exhibited a bit of rust as expected with some slightly heavy touches.  When he was subbed out in the 62nd minute, he had an incredulous look, didn’t look exactly happy. What followed was a negative reaction from Korean sports media who described his actions as a tantrum.  A bit harsh in my book, he wants to play – it’s not a crime to display that mentality nor did it look like a terrible faux pas, but what can I say, it’s a different culture in Korea.  He did go on to say post match that he was disappointed in his own performance and vowed to be more of a team player for Friday’s match with Belgium.  Meanwhile, Paik Seung-Ho subbed in late in the game and had some stellar touches, deft passing and great movement on the ball.  Uruguay for their part would be disappointed not to come away with a point from the game – they looked very dangerous going forward, with several quality chances to score throughout the game.  Just as Lee Seung-Woo may have had a PK awarded in the first half, in stoppage time Uruguay looked to have been fouled inside the area. The ref instead placed the point of contact just outside the edge of the area. Despite pleas for a second look, they settled for a free kick – a ridiculously bend on it that nearly went in.

One of our readers Jay Hyon sent us this link to a video highlight of Lee Seung-Woo and Paik Seung-Ho’s touches vs Uruguay:


I missed the Korea v Belgium game this morning, Tavern alarm wasn’t loud enough to wake me up for the 4:15 am kickoff but I woke up to this:

I don’t have much more details on the match but I did come across a highlight of Lee Seung-Woo’s touches vs Belgium.

The few moments I saw, he looked pretty good. I don’t know if Paik Seung-Ho got a chance to enter the match, he was on the bench at the start.  I’ve been on the run (and continue to be) so I want to ask if anyone has heard from the KNT U18 coach why both Lee Seung-Woo and Paik Seung-Ho aren’t both on the pitch simultaneously?

One more for Team Korea U18 they play France on Sunday at 5 AM EST / 6PM Korea Time.

Korea TV Listing 5/3 vs France – 6pm on SBS Sports

Everywhere else around the world, there should be creative ways to stream the game (borrowing from Monty Python: wink-wink, nod-nod, know what I mean – know what I mean?) 

Happy Friday and Happy May Day!  Here’s to all the workers of the world. Not that I’m necessarily a socialist (I prefer to view myself simply as a citizen of the world) but we can all take a step back and applaud the working folks everywhere, those who toil with blood sweat and tears to deliver civilization.  In the spirit of May Day, might I recommend the music of Woody Guthrie ‘Til we outnumber them, featuring some excellent songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Bragg, and Ani DiFranco…

until next time — ddo bo-ja


EXTRA TIME:  just saw this on the BSK forum: a 17 year old winger Choi In-Hyuk has moved to Spain to join up with Malaga’s Juvenil A squad.  Choi had previously trained with Maetan Middle School and Eonnam High School.  According to Chosun.com, he had previously rejected offers from Deportivo and Valladolid.

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  1. I didn’t see the match either, but I think I saw Paik Seung-ho subbed in right at the end of the match (garbage minutes). Ahn Ik-soo didn’t directly answer why Paik and Lee haven’t played together, but did speak generally about why they haven’t played a lot. Essentially he said they are not in good condition because they are not playing regularly with Barcelona and they joined the team right before the tournament began. I think he’s very conscious of not overtly favoring them just because of their status and that they play for Barca’s youth teams. Basically that they can’t just walk into the team “just because”.

    Lee Seung-woo did throw a little tantrum. Beyond the look of disbelief when his number went up, he also didn’t sit on the bench with the team and just stood behind it with a annoyed glare on his face. For a minute I thought he was going to go straight to the changing room and not watch the rest of the game. It’s not a big deal nor should it be something people focus on, but if that was say, Cristiano Ronaldo, who did it people would be mocking and slamming him for being immature and selfish and a prick.

    • Just finished watching the replay on HD. As a team, I thought they did okay. Should have won ..

      However, extremely disappointing at the same time (the biggest disappointment being lack of playing time for PSH). The setup/tactic is too defensive & it’s difficult to imagine LSW scoring in this tournament. He will have his sporadic runs but that’s about it. Also, it’s abundantly clear he is rusty….

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