NEW Podcast: Tavern previews 2017 K League Season -UPDATED on youtube

Tavern writers Jae Chee from Tavern Studio Jeju-do, Tim Lee from Tavern Studio Quebec and the old Tavern Owner Roy Ghim at the physical Tavern previews the exciting start to the 2017 K-League season – some indication of form by Asian Champions League matchday 1 & 2 from Jeju, Suwon, Ulsan and Seoul + we look at the rest of the teams in the Classic and Challenge divisions. Who will win it all, who will go down in ignominy – who might transcend and find promotion glory from the Challenge and what might a new restructuring of the Korean football pyramid by the KFA look like. Plus some quick musings of “Train to Busan” and how it relates to the Korean sports landscape.

Part 1:


Part 2


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