NYT: Syria nixes match with South Korea

The New York Times allowed the Tavern to talk about the odd arrangement that would’ve been the closed door international friendly matchup pitting Syria against South Korea- kickoff scheduled for today. It was called off by the Syrian delegation earlier in the week. My article in the New York Times Goal blog first appeared yesterday, highlighting some discrepancies in why it was cancelled, questions about why Syria was chosen as a sparring partner, and the strange circumstance leading to the closed door nature of this match.  Needless to say, I’m very excited to represent, but the article couldn’t have been made without the help of Tavern writers Jinseok Yang and Jae Chee. Another Korean bro in my ‘hood Andy Kim also provided immense help. KamSamNeeda!

Click here for the NYT Goals section.

Later on, I’ll try to add some more interesting tidbits that didn’t make the cut in the NYT version of the article.


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