October Friendlies Announced

The KFA has lined up two more challenging friendlies for the month of October. The big one is on October 12 (that’s a Saturday), when Brazil will come to town. Then on October 15, Mali will be the opposition. Both games will start at 8pm Korean Standard Time. The Brazil friendly will be played at Seoul World Cup Stadium, while the Mali friendly will be at Cheonan Sports Complex. *If you don’t know, Cheonan is a medium-size city about an hour or so south of Seoul*. Of course, more about these matches will be posted as the date draws nearer.

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    • We shouldn’t underestimate Mali. They might not have the star players, but they’re still a decent team. Should be very physical and pacey. Also, if you believe in the FIFA rankings they are much higher ranked than we are (32 vs 56).

      • I very doubt that Croatia nor Brazil will bring their best members
        They will prob use this opportunity to test out their back up members for Brazil WC
        i mean we lost 0-4 against Croatia, why would they bring their 1st team members

        same goes for Brazil….

        • Croatia will bring their best as it’s part of a joint call up with their World Cup qualifier against archrivals Serbia. While it’s possible that they could send them all back, that would leave them with half a team. I think they’ll make the trip, but bench most of their stars or use them very sparingly.

          Brazil may bring their stars since they don’t have to qualify and these friendlies are the only matches they have to work together before the World Cup. Plus I imagine there is some financial incentive the KFA is paying Brazil to play their stars at least at little.

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