Park Chu-Young Alert

Nothing to necessarily get excited or worked up over, but it could be a significant development in progress: Park Chu-Young is officially in Arsenal’s 18 man roster for today’s League cup match away against West Ham.

That match is not televised in the US, but it starts at 3pm US EST

The press reports that appears often is that Park and Arsenal has been out of favor with each other, with both parties wanting to part ways. But with 2 years left on a relatively expensive contract, Arsenal was unable to let Park go to a Ligue 1 club this past summer without trying to incurr significant transfer fees. It appears for now at least, they’re trying to make the best of it, and while Bentner is expected to start, it’s not certain but very possible the English football world will get another look at Park Chu-Young. Long time Park supporters have long felt (rightly so) that Arsenal and Wenger never gave Park a proper chance during the 2011-2012 year. While the vast majority of Arsenal fans have bought the storyline that Park was a flop, some Arsenal fans have been able to resist that narrative and have argued that Arsenal created the terrible situation of purgatory Park was trapped in. He started as the captain of the Taeguk Warriors, but with diminished playing time and a manufactured controversy in Korea, Park found himself stripped of the captain’s armband and an uncertain future with the KNT. At the Tavern, we have not forgotten what a potential player Park could have been for Arsenal. The League Cup game winner in October of 2011 scored by Park against Bolton was an indication that Emirates Stadium had a baller on hand, not just for that goal, but for the sheer impact he had on that game in stretching out Bolton’s D:

Update 1: Obviously by now you all know Park did not get to play. More on this in the next post.

UPDATE 2: FC Seoul won 2-0 in their AFC Asian Champions League 1st leg vs Estreglal today.

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  1. 1) Video is not working
    2) AWESOME! Park needs to get some match experience and a transfer in the winter transfer window, to a club that will have him as a regular. Good news.

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