Park Chu-Young loan move?

Things are a bit slow now while we wait for Brazil (OtE: Brazil and a preview should be up later this week), but Ilgan Sports (the sports arm of the Joongang Daily, one of Korea’s big three papers) reported yesterday that Wigan was prepared to take Park Chu-Young on loan from Arsenal. The move makes sense for all parties, but whether A) it’s true (Ilgan Sports is picking it up from the Mirror, which is not the most reputable of sources), and B) it actually happens is another tale. Hopefully it does go through, Park could get some playing time to get back in shape for the summer, and Wigan is playing in Europe (Europa League) despite being in the Championship. Owen Coyle and Wigan get a striker, where they are currently a little short as Grant Holt is currently injured. Arsenal get an unwanted player (and some wages) off their hands for a bit. Everyone’s happy(er)!

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      • Whoops. I knew that too. That’s what I get for rushing out a post. But anyway, Wigan needs reinforcement in attack. The Championship is long and brutal as is the Europa League should they advance out of the group. There’s also the FA Cup later as well.

    • He could, I believe, IF Wigan makes it out of the group stage and into the round of 32. I believe UEFA has a rule that allows teams to add 3 new players to their squad list before the end of February, but only for the round of 32 on. Basically for players who sign on during the January window, and who aren’t cup tied to another team. Park isn’t on Arsenal’s Champions League roster, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Korean soccer has had european influences so far…….maybe some Latin or South American influence wouldn’t be a bad idea. True Argentina fell short the last world cup but Diego Maradona is known for having been a good player. Maybe he can offer Korean players some of his knowledge or skills. Some of his passion may be a good thing for Korean soccer.

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